Peter & Company Distribution Celebrates Babies Born on Christmas Day 2023 and New Year’s Day 2024

Taking their PCD Parenthood Loyalty Programme into its sixth year, representatives of Peter & Company Distribution presented gifts to Saint Lucia’s newest citizens born on Christmas Day 2023 and New Year’s Day 2024.

Gift baskets, overflowing with baby essentials and personal care products for their Moms, were presented to three babies born on Christmas Day and five babies born on New Year’s Day at St. Jude Hospital, (OKEU) Owen King European Union Hospital. The mothers were extremely happy to receive these gifts for themselves and their beautiful new babies containing a range of premium products exclusively distributed by PCD including:


List of products for baby:

1. Little Remedies gripe water and gas relief drops 15 ml.

2. Painol Allergy syrup 60 ml

3. Dutch Lady Growing up milk 380 g and 800 g

4. BNT Cream 15 g

5. Becoplex Syrup 125 ml

6. Vitaplex M liquid 125 ml

7. Genethics Baby chest rub Daytime and Night-time 56 g

8. Genethics Zinc and Castor oil with Lanolin Cream 100g

9. Tropivite infant vitamin Drops 15 ml

10. Panadol Baby fever and pain drops 15 ml

11. Cetamol Infant Fever and Pain Drops 15 ml

12. Baby Love wipes 50’s and 100’s

13. Diquez Nursery petroleum Jelly (Citronella, Pure and Nursery)

14. Diquez Baby oil (Nursery, Coconut and Cocoa butter)

15. Diquez Baby lotion (Nursery and sleep time)

16. Similac Advance infant formula

17. Similac Fussiness and Gas Infant formula

18. Benjamin Rubbing Alcohol 250ml

19. Bebin Super diaper 40’s

20. No more Germs Hand Sanitizer Spray and gel 250 ml

21. Salve antiseptic liquid 500ml

22. Bigelow Teas Sweet Dreams and stay well dreams

Products for Mom

1. Diquez Cocoa butter oil 480 ml

2. Summers Eve Sensitive cleansing cloths

3. Becoplex syrup 125 ml

4. Bigelow Teas

5. Salve Antiseptic liquid

Peter & Company Distribution wishes our newest “Lucians” and their families, a lifetime of good health, happiness and abundance.

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