National Youth Council Calls for Unified Approach to Crime and Violence

The St. Lucia National Youth Council reiterates its strong stance against crime and emphasizes the need for a unified effort in tackling the challenges faced by our communities. The increasing involvement of young people in gangs, which has spread to our schools and communities, is a major concern. We urge all members of our society to take responsibility and contribute to addressing this issue.

Many young individuals feel marginalized and neglected, with limited opportunities and support systems. Economic hardships and the high cost of living worsen their struggles, forcing some to turn to illegal activities for survival. The breakdown of family structures and the absence of positive male role models and support further contribute to the vulnerability of our youth. We urge all stakeholders to prioritize efforts in strengthening families and providing necessary support and guidance to young people.

As an organization mandated to represent the youth of St. Lucia, we appeal to the Government to engage all stakeholders in developing and implementing urgent strategic measures to reverse the current situation. We also call upon the media to exercise responsibility in the content they broadcast, as they have a significant influence in shaping attitudes and behaviours. Additionally, we urge churches, institutions, and organizations to come forward and join forces in combating this issue that has taken hold in our society. To those involved in criminal activities, we want to remind you that every life holds value. The consequences of your actions extend beyond the immediate victim, affecting families, and communities, and tarnishing the reputation of our nation. We implore you to consider the repercussions of your actions and seek constructive ways to address conflicts and grievances.

The St. Lucia National Youth Council remains unwavering in its commitment to advocate for the rights and well-being of our youth. We are ready to collaborate with all stakeholders in creating a brighter future for St. Lucia.

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