Major Infrastructural Upgrades in the making for Gros Islet Community

By Reginald Andrew
Gros Islet town fishing complex
Gros Islet town fishing complex

SINCE its development into a town, Gros Islet has been transformed into a  busy zone of commercial activities and  entertainment.

And with this year identified as the Year of Infrastructure by the government major works are being undertaken to improve the facilities in the community.

Focus is placed on upgrading  the Gros Islet playing field, as well as, the construction of a new Police Station.

Sports Minister Kenson Casimir has disclosed plans for major upgrades to the Gros Islet playing field as part of government’s overall objective to improve the quality of sports facilities on island.

At a recent media briefing, he stated that by year end, the authorities are hoping to transform the Gros Islet playing field into the “Gros Islet Mini Stadium.”

And so, said Casimir, the  government has partnered with corporate entities and also the National Lotteries Authority [NLA] to undertake this venture. He said that during the next six to seven months, major rehabilitation works will be undertaken at the venue.

Considering that the field would be unavailable for some time, the Gros Islet MP explained that the Sandals Resorts has agreed to allow the use of its northern grounds for athletes from the community to conduct  their  club competitions and training exercises.

“Not only will we see stands being erected, we’ll see an enclosure to the facility and we will see an actual upgrading of the surface of the Gros Islet playing field,” Casimir told reporters.

“Which means, Gros Islet, as a semi-professional team, will have a ‘home’ by the end of this year and  gate receipts from some of the commercial activities that Gros Islet observes,” he added.

Meanwhile Casimir said that he was pleased with the progress of the ongoing construction works for a new Gros Islet Police Station,which is due to be completed within a 18-month time frame.

“We are seeing a number of young people from the community being employed and different skills being used in a way that is beneficial for the entire constituency,” he declared.

The Gros Islet MP stated that for 10 years and more, the community has been without a primary police station and officers have had to utilise alternative locations to perform their duties.

Casimir said that on assuming office, the administration felt that “for a constituency of over 30,000 people security was really something that we had to deal with and so, we sourced funding for the project”.

“I am very satisfied with the pace at which the works are going on.

Casimir expressed concern for the officers who had to endure some inconveniences   over these years, stating that: “I am very happy to see the progress, it can’t come too soon.

Moving forward, he said, the officers will be afforded better accommodation which will be equipped with a gym, court, and holding cell among other amenities.

The Gros Islet MP also disclosed plans for the transform the old Gros Islet police station, located at Massade, into a Credit Union.

He said  that communities such as Laborie, Mon Repos and some other districts each have a credit union, not Gros Islet which has not been able to provide the extended services of a credit union to its general population.

“I have had some very good meetings over the last three weeks, in terms of putting the dynamics together for Gros Islet to have a credit union,” Casimir asserted.

“And so, very soon you will see some movements in that regard and later in the year, the development of the Gros Islet Credit Union,” he added.

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