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Look before you leap and never take talk for granted!

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

OFTEN adaptations have to be made and some are seen or known as relevant, or replacement changes.

I guess if things remain the same, then the problems, or situations, that affect you, will remain the same. Take the instance of life changes, sometimes necessary, because not changing your habits or way of doing things will only lead you downhill, so if you have become diabetic, you must change your eating or drinking habits, in the same way if you have a negative employee keeping them on the job will only lead to more negativity.

If you are in a relationship and most of the time it seems toxic to you, then you have to decide how much you can or should take.

But the problem becomes more complicated when you change for the wrong reasons because you did not carefully examine the problem or the situation. When choosing a government, or better still a candidate to represent your political interests, it is important to dissect and analyse and examine the track record of the individuals, or the parties that they represent and its reputation.

Some mistakes can be costly and you can be misled, or deceived, as well as conned, to believing in the political candidate or party. But, development ought not to be about far-fetched dreams and aspirations, but a continuation of the positives that exist. If the existing actions are not satisfactory, why do you assume that futuristic ideals and plans will flourish. There must be examples of your policy initiatives that can be evaluated, assessed, or acknowledged.

Before you condemn, or take the view of others, do a self-assessment and the math, as well as check the effects of the decisions taken, then be guided by your findings.

Too often we go by what we hear, but not by what we know, but information and facts are usually available if you seek it. There is positive change, as well as negative change, motives can be hidden and not articulated in political campaigns. Stories of mis-appropriation should be examined, scrutinized and carefully assessed, because in most cases, a leopard cannot change its spots.

In politics everybody has access to the cookie jar, it’s easy to steal, misappropriate, embezzle, channel funds, and squander without detections, but the only losers become the people.

Political candidates are not usually what they make-out to be. In the midst are dictators, detractors, swindlers, Conn artiste, tricksters, etc. In-between you will find the good and the faithful, but they are not labelled and their heart’s intention is not generally known. So, before you become gullible and take sides, I urge you to examine the horns, look before you leap and never take talk for granted as there is plenty of mis-information.

It is also important to know who they get cozy with, who they favour, who they make deals with, what types of deals, who stands to profit most, and if there are nationals who benefit from their actions. Who are the influencers, who pays the pipers, who dictates  and who will sell out, who can or will pay back our debts (because if you borrow you must pay back) – and finally who can raise the bar and make better things come to realization.

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