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Is St Lucia guided by thinkers or Simpletons?

By James Stanislaus

THE actions of our Prime Minister from the day he won the 2021 elections showed signs of immaturity and out of touch as a Commander in Chief.  It was hard to imagine that the first and most important decision made was to expunged ( records )of 150 offenders .  This decision was deemed irresponsible and merely displayed as a sign of weakness.  The second error was his decision to terminate the services of the K-9 dogs which had a track record in assisting the Police even before he verified whether the scanning machines were performing.  Instead, he embarked upon a lavish spree of vehicle investments which failed to fill the void of security and protection.

Almost three years on, we are now faced with a category one advisory from Canada clearly defining the areas visitors need to avoid to exercise caution.  Unfortunately, not even our tourism minister appears to comprehend the seriousness of this issue but goes on the defense and living in denial which is the wrong approach.  Tourism is our saving grace and God help us if our primary markets come under any special review.  Is there anyone within our administration likely to understand the predicament the nation is heading towards?  Probably not, but hopefully after reading this article a good Samaritan may become the saviour of Fair Helen.

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