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Is Fair Helen on or off course?

By James Stanislaus

THE elevating crime figures for 2024 must no longer be taken lightly.  All indications indicate that an underlying problem exists and every situation on this planet originates from a cause and if not addressed, we need to prepare ourselves for the inevitable.  A perfect comparison today are the effects of climate change which continue to deteriorate at an alarming rate simply because of neglect.

St Lucia is a small country with limited natural resources and deeply dependent on outside investment which needs to be carefully monitored.  Our Prime Minister seems to miss the point on every occasion when taken to task about his role.  The boss can’t hand over what is required by his team and expect instant positive results, but if the contemplated results fail, a new strategy needs to be addressed and this is all the nation is requesting.  The fact that 15 homicides have taken place in two months after bringing in the RSS at an alarming cost, is tantamount to a deteriorating situation.

The secondary effect of this analysis is the exposure of our economy based on our reliance on a fragile tourism industry and other outside interests.  We stand corrected based on disturbing rumors regarding questionable decisions within our administration regarding government contracts being dished out to unknown persons with no tract record within the construction industry.

The business community takes note of these unusual practices who in turn ask the relevant questions and, on most occasions, there is no response from the powers that be.  Besides the foregoing, the country starts drifting off course and therein accounts for where we are presently heading.  It is not too late to change direction, but the Prime Minister must move away from his denial chamber and focus on the reality of where Fair Helen is today.  It would be a great pity if these early warning signals are ignored, as we are viewing the future of a nation and not only protecting a victory.

In conclusion, the nation was most alarmed at the recent discovery for the 2.5% security and levy tax.  There was total acceptance by this administration for the reasons given, today with firsthand information from the PM himself that the 2.5% charge was really to support the borrowing of 100 million dollars.  This is most disconcerting, and the government must do some serious soul searching to address this unfortunate situation.

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