Hippolyte Responds to Protest Action Taken by Bus Operators Plying the Fond St. Jacques/ Soufriere Route

Emma Hippolyte
Emma Hippolyte

COMMERCE Minister Emma Hipployte, has responded to the concerns and strike action of minibus drivers plying the Fond St. Jacques to Soufriere route. Hippolyte is the parliamentary representative for that constituency.

Mini-bus drivers on that route staged a sick out on Monday 05, February, in protest over the poor condition of the road.

Here is Minister Hippolyte statement:

“I note that despite having attended to the road last year and the year before, the road has deteriorated considerably over the last few months due to heavy rainfall, heavy use and improper drainage in some locations. I acknowledge the frustrations and share the concerns of the minibus drivers and commuters about the state of the road infrastructure, which not only affects the safety and comfort of commuters but also poses significant challenges for drivers trying to operate their vehicles efficiently.

“Road maintenance is crucial for the economic development of the community, driver efficiency and passenger comfort and so I am committed to working tirelessly to ensure that the necessary repairs and improvements are made.

“You would note that since becoming the parliamentary representative in July 2021 that besides potholing this road twice, I have undertaken significant drainage works and cut overhead branches on a number of occasions to improve road conditions and installed crash guards to ensure your safety. And as recently as November, I undertook extensive potholing works on the Bois D’Inde Road.

“I want to assure you that plans were already afoot to repair the Fond St. Jacques Road. These plans were reaffirmed at the meeting between the National Council for Public Transportation and the Ministry of Infrastructure. Since then, immediate remedial works commenced – last week, the potholes were squared and true to promise, this week they will be patched.

“In the interim, I wish to urge all parties involved to remain patient and cooperative as efforts are made to address the issues at hand, and I emphasize the importance of unity and collaboration in overcoming such obstacles in my constituency.

“I express my willingness to engage in constructive dialogue with affected stakeholders, including the relevant government agencies and transportation authorities, to find lasting solutions to the challenges faced by the Fond St. Jacques to Soufriere minibus drivers and the community as a whole and encourage our minibus drivers to in future observe the protocols established between the Ministry of Infrastructure and the National Council for Transportation for addressing such issues.

“I wish to reiterate my commitment to serving the best interests of my constituents and pledge to continue advocating for the necessary resources and support to improve the road infrastructure as my mantra is to always “Put YOU the people…FIRST!”

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