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Government Adamant in Quest to Fully Equip Police to Fight Crime – PM Pierre

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre
Prime Minister, Philip J. Pierre

PRIME Minister Philip J Pierre says government remains adamant in its quest to provide the requisite resources and training apparatus for law enforcement to better perform their duties. 

He said it is imperative that the officers attached to the Royal St Lucia Police Force [RSLPF] be fully equipped in the fight against crime – as the country seeks ways and means to curtail this problematic deviant behaviour, in particular, the incessant gun violence among rival gangs.

PM Pierre stated that the administration will do whatever is necessary to empower the police to deal with the criminals within the ambit of the law. In addition to providing physical resources to the police force, he said, government has allowed the officers ‘operational independence’ to carry out their duties.

“We have given them , the officers, more resources, we have given them more independent operational strength  and we have increased their numbers and their physical space,” the prime minister stated, at a recent media briefing.

He recalled that last week, the police were provided with two vehicles, and this week, they are due to receive an additional two vehicles.

Also, said Pierre, the officers have received drones and finger-printing apparatus to improve their capabilities.

The National Security Minister noted that there should be no political divisiveness  relating to fighting crime in the country. He said there is no need for a  government side and an opposition side when it comes to tackling crime.

Lately, the region has been plagued with an escalation of criminal activity that has metaphorised into ghastly acts of gun violence claiming the lives of countless young people.

On Wednesday, law enforcement officers demonstrated their commitment to public safety by conducting a comprehensive joint operation in Vieux-Fort. This operation involved multiple units of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

According to a RSLPF statement, “This measure was initiated due to a concerning rise in firearm-related crimes and homicides in the southern town of Vieux Fort. The RSLPF’s objective was to target and disrupt the operations of individuals involved in these activities, aiming to curb the increase in violence in the region.”

The release adds that the operation was successful, with 14 Warrants to Search for Property being executed and 12 suspects in various murders, and gang-related activities being detained, further emphasizing the RSLPF’s relentless efforts in maintaining law and order.

Preceding the operation, Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius held dialogue with various stakeholders, including the Parliamentary Representative and Mayor of Vieux-Fort, to speak on strategies to reclaim our streets.

“This operation represents the first step in a sequence of scheduled police activities geared towards reducing crime in the southern division. Public consultations will continue, as the RSLPF seeks to restore law and order throughout our country,” the RSLPF stated.

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