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Export Saint Lucia Unveils New Packaging for Local Exports


EXPORT Saint Lucia (ESL) has unveiled new packaging for a variety of local products.

From exotic teas to delicacies and jewelry, the owners of small businesses were handed their new packaging at a ‘Packaging for Export’ ceremony held on February 5. The packaging will be supplied to the entrepreneurs, for the next two years at no cost.

Chief Executive Officer of Export Saint Lucia, Sunita Daniel said, a government subvention allowed for the costs to be defrayed. The new packaging will allow businesses to improve their performance and reach more markets.

“Packaging is not just about aesthetics—it is a strategic tool that can significantly contribute to increasing visibility, marketability, and overall success in the export market,” said Daniel.

By investing in quality packaging our exporters have gained a competitive edge, making their products stand out in crowded marketplaces and capturing the attention of potential buyers. Enhanced packaging communicates professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail instilling confidence in consumers and fostering brand loyalty,” ESL’s CEO explained.

Minister for Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives, and Consumer Affairs, Emma Hippolyte celebrated the occasion with the entrepreneurs. She said the new packaging has positioned local produce on the global market.

“As we know, the global market is a dynamic and competitive arena. In order for our local businesses to thrive and flourish on this stage it is imperative that we continuously strive for excellence in all aspects,” the minister declared.

Added Hippolyte: “The first impression matters, and it is often the packaging that catches the eye of potential customers and consumers and partners. As a government we have embraced the need for a strong brand and this brand, Saint Lucia, which combines the efforts, marketing and vision of our leading agencies was created.”

She continued, “So too must we encourage our SMEs in the need for strong vibrant brands, and to continually embrace international standards. Our sister agency, the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards works with Export Saint Lucia and the Ministry of Commerce to ensure that we have holistic products.”

Minister Hippolyte said while the government is doing its part to support small businesses, it’s up to nationals to do their part by supporting local products—a sentiment echoed by the owner of The Enchanted Kettle, Mathew Anderson. He offered glowing praise for the packaging project.

“When we started in 2016, we had to build our packaging by hand. We made over 6,000 packages by hand, a tedious task indeed but there was no other way so we had to get it done,” he said. “Today it is difficult to get into supermarkets if your packaging does not attract. The new packaging does that. In my journey with Export Saint Lucia, we had many consultations and the wait was truly worth it.”

A second group of entrepreneurs will soon be receiving new packages for the export of their products.

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