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DPP Calls for Justice System Overhaul

By Reginald Andrew
DPP Daasrean Greene
DPP Daasrean Greene

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Daasrean Greene is calling for a revamping of the justice system, adding that it is time to do so.

He said there is definitely a need for more courts, judges, magistrates, prosecutors, and defence attorneys at the criminal bar.

“This is definitely what is necessary in Saint Lucia so that we can actually get a significant bite into the backlog of cases before the courts,” Greene said.

He disclosed that much of the technology used during the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have worked very well to ensure continuity in the justice system, and much of the technology was kept despite the continuation of in-person court.

“We still have a lot of case management to do as it pertains to online and video link facilities,” the DPP stated.

In reference to the Restore Confidence operations undertaken by law enforcement officers more than a decade ago, and which gave rise to the highly controversial IMPACS Report, he said, the department has “done everything that is necessary to reference that aspect of things.”

The DPP said an update on this issue is forthcoming within the next couple months.

“In 2021, I indicated that the position with these particular matters (were) under investigation and I also continued to indicate that they were still active investigations,” he explained.

“So, I can still say that they are active investigations that have to be dealt with,” Greene asserted.

According to Greene the department has been working methodically to deal with the backlog of cases pending despite the limited resources available.

With public expectations high and persons seeking closure to cases that have been lagging behind in the courts, the DPP said, it is imperative to beef up operations of the country’s justice system.

He said the department has been working assiduously “to ensure that the courts are populated with our cases and that we continue to conduct the prosecutions of all of these matters”.

However, Greene noted, it was a tough task to undertake and requires the requisite resources and staffing components to effectively manage the workload.

“We know that there are limited resources, but we are trying to do our best in all of the circumstances to complete these matters,” the DPP told reporters, this week.

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