Transforming the Anse La Raye Constituency and Its Environs

Ongoing works on the Anse La Raye Bridge Reconstruction Project
Ongoing works on the Anse La Raye Bridge Reconstruction Project

Wayne Girard, Junior Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Parliamentary Representative for Anse La Raye / Canaries says his constituency will be transformed into a more productive district.

He said work has already begun on the Anse La Raye bridge as part of the West Coast Road Reconstruction Project.

The minister also reported that beyond traditional road projects, the governmmnt is set to take on a comprehensive approach towards various facets of development.

“This year, our priority will be infrastructure and when we say infrastructure, we don’t simply mean roads, schools are involved, and the airport and the ports are involved,” noted Girard.

The Anse La Raye MP asserted that government was committed to uplifting communities, particularly within his constituency, and plans for a holistic transformation to upgrade the socio-economic welfare of the residents of his constituency.

Referring to the bridge reconstruction works, at Anse La Raye, he explained, “There was a demolition of some of the houses in order to create the by-pass for the construction of the new bridge. We took some time to get to that point, because we wanted to ensure that we relocated the residents properly.”

Girard also reported on the installation of the Sewer Treatment System, in Anse La Raye, which he said, was approved by the government to the tune of $1million.

Taking into perspective the broader outlook of the island’s road infrastructure, Girard stated that upon assuming office, the authorities found “the road networks was in a mess” and government has been trying to work on these deteriorating issues.

Referring to the Anse La Raye bridge reconstruction project, he said, “We expect to have a two-lane bridge, at the moment it is a one-lane bridge, and the intent is to have a two-lane bridge.”

He said, with the magnitude of works in store to uplift the community, no longer will Anse La Raye will be regarded as a non-productive district, but “moving forward, we will see remarkable difference, it will be a new constituency by the time of the next general elections.”

The parliamentary representative projected a time frame of at least nine months for the Anse La Raye bridge reconstruction project to be completed, “but, in the interim you (the public) will get periodic updates as to where we are …since (we anticipate) heavy rainfall would pose some challenges on how we proceed.”

Towards this end, the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport stated that the ongoing progress of the Millennium Highway and the West Coast Road Reconstruction Project is a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the infrastructure and connectivity between the Capital and the West to the Southwestern part of the island.

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