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Noise Pollution Soon to Be Dealt With

Member of Parliament (MP) for Gros Islet, Kenson Casimir
Member of Parliament (MP) for Gros Islet, Kenson Casimir

MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for Gros Islet, Kenson Casimir has revealed that the Attorney General’s (AG) office is moving expeditiously to address noise pollution across the country.

The MP, at press briefing on Monday updated reporters on the latest development on that issue. Casimir noted that the AG has presented the first draft copy of legislation – an amendment to the Noise Pollution Legislation. He said the legislation had been discussed in the public domain.

In addition, he said, the police have gone out into the  communities to conduct an evaluation of ‘decibel levels’, to ascertain what would be acceptable in the different areas and have presented their findings.

“We are fine tuning everything and we are communicating with the police, with residents, and with bar owners to get a feel of how we will come to some form of compromise,” stated Casimir.

He said that not everyone may be fully satisfied with the outcome, since “there is no way to make everybody happy as it pertains to noise pollution.”

Rather, noted Casimir, government is tasked to provide the legislation “and to ensure that the police as much as possible ensure that the laws are upheld.”

Ultimately, he said, government anticipates that very soon “we will have the final legislation and we will take it to parliament for the first reading.”

The Gros Islet MP explained that the key parts of the legislation will include documentation or regulations which previously did not exist.

Noting that previous administrations had not pursued this issue, he said, “This is a new method of measuring, an objective method of measuring noise.”

Casimir explained, “Once you get the different decibel levels, that should provide some level of comfort for people to enjoy themselves while at the end of the day not really infringing on the right of others to have some level of peace.”

He noted that some parts of Saint Lucia are dual residential and entertainment areas, and so it may be difficult “to find common ground all the time.”

Nevertheless, Casimir said, government is working efficiently “to give the police something to work with”.

The minister reiterated the concerns about providing incentives for the enclosure of some entertainment spots, as an alternative measure to deal with the issue.

He said it would require getting involved in some form of partnership with the bar owners and nightclubs “to ensure that some of the edifices …and some of the different methods we can use to mitigate against noise getting out is done in a very strategic way.”

Casimir assured that government is exploring options to deal with the situation and “we are looking at modern ways of doing that and we are certainly hoping that everybody can come on board and appreciate all the efforts, and just really be each other’s keeper.” |

Last November, the Gros Islet MP stated, “We are looking at whether or not we provide concessions or tax relief, or some way …to encourage businesses to enclose their operations.”

He said the procedure could entail providing tax concessions on building materials for persons who so choose to enclose their businesses.


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