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How about a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay?

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

It is often said and known that there are two sides to a coin and either point of view can be valid.

To most employees, they all seem to have one cry: needing more money for their services to cope with the rising cost of living. That I agree with, but I was and am still observing a security guard on duty who felt it was okay to sit on a chair on her phone for almost all day, rather than making the rounds to ensure that the business and property she was paid to guard was done efficiently.

So, should one not give for just rewards, or is it a one-way street to earn and obtain and give minimum in return?

I do understand the word ‘exploitation’ and the meaning of being under-paid, but to expect more, and demand more, should consideration not be given to the service outlet? When people are self-employed, there seems to be no-end to their efforts and commitment, even though there is no surety of returns at the end of the day. But it seems that regardless how much an employer gives, or offers in most cases, the employees seek to cut corners.

What I would like to suggest is that justice is about giving and taking – giving your most to get and take your negotiated salary with an honest heart and mind.

Not everybody is always satisfied with their earnings, but they must learn to put themselves in the employer’s shoes, because regardless of losses or short-comings in the business venture, they commit fully to compensate you for your assigned duties.

Honesty used to be a good and best policy, but that used to be in the past because things have changed drastically and nobody wants to run the extra mile, or give of their best regardless of whether the pay is good or bad.

On the other hand, many use you to the bone to ensure they extract their pound of flesh, meaning to profit as much as possible from your services. But I think that fairness should become part of the arrangement, because if you don’t scratch my back, why should I scratch yours?

Having a job and finding a joy can be a struggle sometimes, depending on vocation and location, or work hours, as it can drain your earnings, but remember not having is worse. You cannot depend on friends or family or even government indefinitely, as changes in the world, inclusive of our island, face unusual stress. But there must be compromises and, in some cases, sacrifices, if we must survive.

In the home, sometimes, not all pull their weight, children extract, lovers extract, friends and acquaintances do as well, as not everybody is fair and supportive. But we cannot continue to live this dog-eat-dog life because in the final analysis, some will suffer, some will prosper and some will be hurt.

So, it is important to be fair — and I mean from both sides – meaning, a fair day’s wage deserves a fair day’s work. Conning, bluffing, scheming and stealing all leave a sour taste, so help and support should become a Code of Life.

Give unto Caesar what he is due and take with a conscious heart and maybe – just maybe -tomorrow will be better for both sides.  Also, some of us waste, some spend badly, some buy none essentials, entertainment seems to be first on their agenda, as we say “cutting style” on others, trying to impress, show-off trying to live like the Haves and complaining the next day of not having…

Check yourself, my friend, examine your own horns, look inside your head and mind, and don’t be surprised if you find that you may just be your worst enemy.

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