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CDB Pays Tribute to Sir Arthur Lewis on the Anniversary of his Birth

Sir Arthur Lewis

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) pays tribute to our founding President, Sir Arthur Lewis, a pioneer of regional development, who was born on January 23, 1915. A renowned scholar, innovator and winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences, Sir Arthur was instrumental in establishing CDB, which remains the only indigenous development bank in the Region.

Serving as President from 1970 – 1973, he played a key role in shaping the strategy and structure of the institution and devising the policies and procedures to ensure its effectiveness in promoting economic development in the Caribbean. Recognising that the evolution and growth of the Region would require a skilled workforce, his tenure was marked by an emphasis on developing human capital with the Bank prioritising investments in education and skills development to support economic growth.

A national of Saint Lucia, Sir Arthur believed that collaboration and joint efforts were essential to address common challenges and played a critical role in fostering integration and cooperation among Caribbean countries. As President he encouraged member countries to work together and leverage the resources and expertise of the Bank to achieve shared goals.

CDB honours his legacy through our commitment to accelerating the social and economic development of Caribbean nations and our ongoing efforts to mobilise the capital and resources needed to achieve the best future for the Region and the people we serve.

May his legacy endure.

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