1st National Bank to Unveil New Insurance Products and Services Tomorrow!

By VOICE Reporter

1ST NATIONAL Bank (Saint Lucia) Ltd. ends the first month of the new year rolling-out a brand-new series of customer services tomorrow. The bank will (on Thursday, February 1) launch its new product offerings to clients and customers at a scheduled press conference.

The VOICE has learned the new products will include coverage for ‘Job Loss Protection’, to benefit workers in the current era when many everywhere are left uncertain by the effects of current global economic uncertainties.

Another product to be unveiled is for ‘Creditor Life Insurance’, with a similar intent of benefiting creditors.

A third new product, is for ‘Home Owners’, many of whom wish to better secure their properties in these ever-changing and challenging times.

A fourth product to be unveiled at tomorrow’s press conference is ‘Motor Vehicle’ insurance.

1st National’s extension into the insurance arena comes as the island’s oldest and only indigenous bank continues to expand its services at home and abroad. As such, the new insurance products will not only be available to local clients and customers, but also in neighboring St. Vincent & The Grenadines, through its branch there.

1st Natlional Bank ended 2023 unveiling its ‘Community Banking’ policy approach aimed at taking its products and services to customers and clients in their communities, here and in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. The bank also started 2024 with an early top-ranking visit to the neighbouring multi-island state led by Managing Director Fletcher St. Jean and including Chief People Officer Nadia Alcide (also responsible for the bank’s Human Resources Department) and Chief Technology Officer, Marcus Jolie.

The three executives rolled-out the bank’s latest ‘Oversight Strategy’ to its management and staff at the St. Vincent & The Grenadines branch, headed by Country Manager Vonetta Rogers. 1st National Bank (Saint Lucia) Ltd. successfully observed its 85th year of existence in 2023 and according to a reliable source, its executives are “brimming with confidence and high hopes of a no-less successful 86th year in 2024.”

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