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Saint Lucia has Potential for Global Sailing Ratings – Hilaire 🌊⛵

Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire
Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire

Saint Lucia is on course to solidify its position in global sailing, following the resounding success of the 38th edition of the 2023 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers [ARC], which culminated here, last weekend.

Expressing his elation and satisfaction with the outcome of this annual sailing expedition, Tourism Minister Dr Ernest Hilaire highlighted the significance of such international gatherings. He said the event served not only to attract visitors but also to showcase the natural beauty of the island.

Saint Lucia has hosted the ARC event for the past three decades, with the vessels anchoring at the iconic Rodney Bay Marina, after completing the trip from Las Palmas.

And this year witnessed the influx of  under 200 vessels, carrying over 900 men, women, and children who embark on this captivating journey. During their stay ashore, the participating yachtsmen and women heartily took part in several activities highlighting  the local culture.

“The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has become a beacon of maritime excellence, and we are thrilled to have hosted this spectacular event once again,” Hilaire told reporters, at a media briefing on Monday.

ARC crew enjoys hearty welcome to the IGY Rodney Bay Marina …
ARC crew enjoys hearty welcome to the IGY Rodney Bay Marina …

“The gathering of sailing enthusiasts from around the world not only adds vibrancy to our shores but also highlights the allure of Saint Lucia as a prime destination for those seeking unique and unforgettable experiences,” he declared.

Citing the pivotal role that such events play in positioning the destination on the world map, the tourism minister said, the ARC adds in bolstering the island’s reputation as a top-tier destination for sailors and tourists alike.

There was no missing out on the vibrant Saint Lucian culture on display, and the visitors were totally mesmerized and captivated with the offerings in fostering good camaraderie among the international sailing community.

“This year, we added a few new features, including the ARC Anse La Raye, Taste of Saint Lucia, which Export Saint Lucia put on next to the Harbor Club, and the Market Place,” noted Dr. Hilaire.

“We also tried to increase the number of Saint Lucians who could participate in the celebration by expanding the list of ARC-related activities. So hopefully next year will be bigger and more Saint Lucians will benefit,” he added.

The tourism minister acknowledged the input of the organizers, participants, and all stakeholders who contributed to the seamless execution of the ARC, further solidifying Saint Lucia’s position on the global sailing map.

Added Dr. Hilaire: “The success of the 2023 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers underscores Saint Lucia’s commitment to promoting tourism and showcasing our island’s unique charm.

“We look forward to welcoming more events of this calibre in the future as we continue to position ourselves as a must-visit destination for sailing enthusiasts and tourists seeking unparalleled experiences.”


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