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Racing to be First to Get Back to Square One!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

A good friend always tells me not to judge others by my standards, but, I’m afraid, not accepting wrong from right or having respect for others makes me uneasy.

When cannabis was decriminalized, being a smoker, I was glad, but I did not think it would lead to people abusing that new freedom by smoking anywhere, at any time and giving no consideration to others. They behave like they just got a license to blow smoke in people’s faces and expose them to second-hand smoking, just because it’s not tobacco. So, they behave as if since cannabis is not cancerous and its used for medicine, you can violate someone else’s ‘No Smoking’ rights by smoking in their presence, or their face.

Unlike those and them I do not discriminate against those who smoke cigarettes, but I don’t think cannabis, even though legal, should be smoked in a closed-up environment, or in the presence of others, who may find it offensive.

Likewise, I always complain that there’s no courtesy when driving, nor does everyone observe the speed limits, no more dimming of lights, bike-riders continue to ride recklessy and without helmets, gunmen now use guns like we live in the Wild West in America in the old days of cowboy movies, and females simply disregard dress codes and rules, and care nothing about how they look, as, for too-many of them for my liking, ‘skimpyness’ is the way-to-go.

Children of all ages disrespect their parents and elders and the fact that there is no more physical punishment at school has created a “You can’t touch me” mentality among troublesome students with parents’ encouragement.

Time is no longer a respected thing, no more opening or closing hours or times, everybody sees but nobody cares or seems to know and criminality continues because of no witnesses or no reported acts of violence and assault to persons or property.

Everybody has rights and continue to flaunt them in our faces. The Law’s hands seem tied, the legal system is not functioning at maximum and “petty” and “white collar” or “blue collar” crime is the new order of the day.

Rebels rule, the poor remains helpless, the haves enjoy the thrills and the retired and aged have to fend for themselves. Most families are divided, children care less about their parents, your best friend can become your worst enemy, your neighborhood pays no attention to each other’s needs and there’s a constant state of drunkenness everywhere you go.

The educated care only about upward mobility with merchants as it’s all about profits, employees take advantage of employers — and vice versa – and theft is rampant, all in the name off freedom of action and expression.

The churches cannot guide the flock and the children are not obligated to follow Christian principles, gangs have become an attractive alternative to legitimate employment and the state can no longer control people’s actions, even though there is legislation and there are laws.

Government seems to have no clear plan or vision to reverse these trends in our pensioners’ lifetime and the opposition continues to muddy the waters instead of helping to clean-up the mess they left.

Good friends die or migrate, new ones seldom can be trusted, the system is all about taking and not giving-back and the people are indeed influenced by foreign interests.

Planning today for tomorrow or saving for a rainy day are being treated as a yesterday or yesteryear sayings and all values are being thrown out of the window, as there is a kind of “Do as you please” mentality, as there is no straight and narrow path and everything is either underground or under the table.

We cannot determine which way to go and this aimless living will lead us nowhere. Most people are not sure what course to take, what rules we should follow, far less who to believe, especially with all this misinformation and mind-blowing values.

Work is about what I get, not what I would like to learn, professional advice is scarce, and nothing is for free. What a complicated situation with no end in sight.

Without a clear philosophy or planned direction and guide lines to follow, we are all left to weather the storm with no particular goal or ambition in mind, that freedom can lead us to nowhere.

And finally, this tit-for-tat political system is partly to blame, for this means there is no direction and there’ll be constant division, in which case, instead of making progress, we seem to be racing to be the first to get back to Square One!

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