Prize Giving Ceremony – 2023 Kwéyòl Poetry Writing Competition

As part of Saint Lucia’s observance of International Mother Language Day (21st February) and World Poetry Day (21st March), the Saint Lucia National Commission for UNESCO organized the “2023 Kwéyòl Poetry Writing Competition”. This competition, which coincided with the celebration of Saint Lucia’s 44th Independence Anniversary (22nd February 2023) was held under the theme: “Douvan Asanm: Yon Pèp. Nou Ka Fasonnen Dèstiné Nou”. 

The Kwéyòl Poetry Writing Competition is a celebration of language diversity and is intended to support UNESCO’s efforts at linguistic variety through poetic expression, and to offer indigenous languages the opportunity to be heard within their communities.  This year’s competition also provided an opportunity for persons to reflect on the theme for our 44th Independence Anniversary.  Saint Lucians were encouraged to keep moving forward together as a nation and one people in shaping their destiny.

A Prize-Giving Ceremony in recognition of the winners of the inaugural annual Kwéyòl Poetry Writing Competition was held on Tuesday 19th December 2023 at the office of the Saint Lucia National Commission on the 5th Floor of the Conway Business Centre Waterfront, CASTRIES at 10:30 a.m.

The winners of the competition were as follows:

1st Place – Evan Stanislaus – Lekol Sente Lisi

2nd Place – Emlynn Francis – Yonn De Twa

3rd Place – Rochelle Victor – Douvan Ansanm: An Peye Pou Bati

The Saint Lucia National Commission congratulates the winners and continues to encourage participation in the competition and the promotion of our linguistic and cultural heritage.

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