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Gros Islet Waterfront Project to be Upgraded 👷🏾

Gros Islet waterfront project sod turning
Gros Islet waterfront project sod turning

Works are shortly to begin on the upgrade of the Gros Islet Waterfront and according to the stakeholders the project will redound to economic benefits for the residents of the Gros Islet community, while bringing a more aesthetic look to the area.

November 30 marked the commencement of the sod-turning ceremony for the project that will result in a revamped Gros Islet Waterfront.

The Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information updated the progress of the OECS Regional Tourism Competitiveness Project (ORTCP) as it relates to the contract award for works to upgrade the Gros Islet Waterfront, which includes the construction of an entertainment park with vending, events and children’s recreational amenities.

The OECS Regional Tourism Competitiveness Project, which is financed through the WorldBank Group is in its sixth year of implementation which has seen the effective mobilization of five civil works and software development projects – one of which is the works to upgrade the Gros Islet Waterfront.

Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet Kenson Casimir acknowledged the input from the Ministry of Tourism for promoting this venture. He also singled out the support of a resident ,‘Simple’, for initiating the drive that led to the location being utilized for leisure activities.

Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire and other officials from the department were in attendance and are eager to see the project prosper for the benefit of the residents and the community.

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