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Fire Service Calls for Increased Vigilance From Motorists, Pedestrians This Christmas Season

Mabius Francis
Mabius Francis

AS the 2023 Christmas season gains momentum, one of the busiest Government Departments in the country, is once again reaching out to the general public with some very important reminders for aย  safe and happy holiday season.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service is again appealing for increased vigilance, moderation and road safety awareness so that all citizens safely navigate the celebratory season.

Having noted a general increase in ambulance calls in recent years, Assistant Divisional Officer with responsibility for Operations, Mr. Mabius Francis says the Fire Service continues to rely on the cooperation of the motoring public.

โ€œIn recent years, the volume of motor vehicles on the roadways in Saint Lucia have risen sharply and as such the traffic congestion presents a significant challenge to emergency vehicle responses. Consequently, the Saint Lucia Fire Service seeks the cooperation of the motoring public in facilitating access of emergency vehicles in response to emergencies. This can be achieved by drawing as far left as can reasonably be done in the direction of travel so as to allow a clear passage in the center of the roadway for emergency vehicles,โ€ Francis said.

The Fire Service official says the letter of the law is clear on how to respond to an emergency vehicle.

He stated that on the point of clearing the way for emergency vehicles, the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Regulations of 2006 states: โ€œA person using a motor vehicle or trailer on the road shall not fail on the approach of any emergency vehicle including a police vehicle, fire brigade or ambulance using a siren or otherwise indicating emergency passage to draw up close to the left hand side of the road and stop leaving the center of the road clear for the passage of the emergency vehicle. Therefore, in the effort to provide timely service to calls of emergency, the Saint Lucia Fire Service seeks the continued cooperation of the motoring public in facilitating the safe passage of vehicles on the roadways.โ€

Drivers are prohibited from tail-gating any emergency vehicle in an attempt to beat the heavy traffic, be itย  day or night.

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