Digital Content Initiative to Benefit Students Island wide


THE Department of Education (through the Curriculum and Material Development Unit-Camdu) recently launched its Digital Content Initiative that, not only will benefit students across the island, but more importantly will advance learning through technology.

This initiative, Selma Biscette, Curriculum Officer for Social Sciences said, represents “a deep understanding of the evolving needs of learners in the 21st century.”

“It is a testament to the department’s commitment to providing quality education that transcends the classroom and embraces the diversity of learning styles,” Biscette said.

According to Gianetti George, Head of Camdu, all public secondary schools will be a part of the pilot which will be conducted during terms two and three of this academic year.

“When P.S. Charles reached out to Camdu sometime at the end of last year and presented the opportunity for funding… it was a jubilant day. Without any hesitation the decision was taken to create digital and interactive content for the lower secondary level,” George said at a ceremony recently.


“With full commitment, curriculum officers set out to recruit… content developers. At the same time, Miss Biscette and then Media Technologist Miss Renee who is now principal of Babonneau Secondary, delved into a deep dive into possible apps that would be best suited for the development of the digital content that we wanted to create. After numerous days and hours of research they identified one,” she added.

The app, which is said to be a game changer, allowed for the export of e-books to many different platforms, meaning “the digital content that we have created is 100% compatible with the Chromebooks this government has distributed to students,” George said.

Biscette, in her remarks, noted that educators gathered at the event “not only to embrace this transformation, but to celebrate the local development of engaging digital education content designed to empower learners.”

“Today marks a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing learning through technology. In a world that is rapidly evolving, the realm of education is no exception and we have no choice but to embrace the changes. The integration of digital tools and resources has transformed the way we acquire and disseminate knowledge,” she noted.

Biscette also recognized those who played a pivotal role in bringing the initiative to life, noting that their commitment has manifested “in the digital resources we proudly present to you today marking the beginning of a new era in education in Saint Lucia.”

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