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We’re too jammed between First and Third World mentalities

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

IT matters not what happens to the rest of the world, when it comes to development each country seeks to care about its own concerns, despite the negative impact it may have on the planet or civilization.

Industrial development and the securing of wealth takes center stage and the emotional costs and consequences seem to be of no concern, as, just as in the days of old, the objectives remain the same: the strong fight to stay ahead while what happens to the weak is of no concern. The ‘ Haves’ drill, extract minerals, manipulate, destroy and in fact, their sense of survival is less about the planet and enrichment of the poor people than about self-enrichment.

Global warming results stare us in the face, but the evidence seems not to be an eye-opener, as the millions affected seem not to be concerned, like they’re wearing blinkers so as not to pay attention to the world crises.

Now, wars are all about profits, not human loss and from the pandemics to starvation or the bombing of thousands, all seem not to be of any human concern but just a means to an end. The Earth gives everything but Man is prepared to destroy it for ego, bragging rights and supremacy.

Money is spent on scientific development, but not on humanity, or protection of the planet, as some countries do not mind being the only one left on earth, especially if they are seemingly secured and their population satisfied.

Human reduction is not a concern, neither is the reason why others are in danger. The material quest surpasses every other need, inclusive of spiritual and appreciation for nature and humankind.

There is no thought of the aftermath, nor the consequences and no one accepts blame for their actions, so, in other words, only the fittest survive.

Small islands have no say, the humble have no say, those who are dependent are told they ought not to complain or bargain, far-less ask for needed support or reparations for all the unkind deeds dished out to them through the years.

Civilization can vanish, countries can disappear from the face of this earth, but no one accepts the blame.

This action is coordinated and established as the norm and despite the fact that it is common knowledge the reasons why this planet and its people is under threat, no decisions are ever taken to stop this carnage.

All I can say is it was nice living while it lasted and from the way the death announcements get longer these days, there may be no reason to document that era, because it looks like very few will be around to read our story.

And as for our tropical paradise, we are too interwoven in the ways of the First World to detach ourselves from this Third World mentality.

E-sam nou pwee en-sa!

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