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Soufriere Hospital Receives Much Needed Equipment


The OECS Regional Health Project, which is funded by the World Bank has provided the Soufriere Hospital with a vehicle and coolers for specimen transformation and chemistry analyzer.

The diagnostic services provided to the clients at the Soufriere Hospital is expected to be enhanced significantly following the recent handover of the chemistry analyzer, coolers and vehicle for specimen transportation to the hospital.

The coolers and vehicle for specimen transportation will be used to safely handle specimen transportation to the labs and the chemistry analyzer will allow for testing to be done at the Soufriere hospital.

Project Coordinator of the Health Systems Strengthening Project/ OECS Regional Health Project Jeanette Jn Louis Hughes says that she is very pleased that the OECS Regional Health Project can make these items and vehicle available as they will play a critical role in the strengthening of the health system and delivery of health services to clients.

“Component one is entailed improve health facilities and lab capacity to specifically improve the lab network and to support investment in the lab infrastructure. It is our expectation that the Soufriere Hospital will maximize the use of these resources in an efficient manner and to better serve the clients of the institution,” Hughes said.

Principal Nursing Officer for the Soufriere Hospital Alicia Alexander expressed heartfelt gratitude for the supplies and said this will allow for basic lab testing at the Soufriere Hospital and improvement in the transportation of lab samples to the Ezra Long Lab and the St. Jude Hospital.

“Any urgent care unit should be able to attain basic lab values. From patients with gastro, infections, our diabetic (DM) patients, our hypertensive patients, need basic labs. Also, the availability of a chemistry and hematology machine greatly and significantly strengthen our services,” Alexander said.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Jenny Daniel celebrated the support received through the OECS Regional Health Project and says this will allow the ministry to continue on its thrust to improve the quality of care provided in the primary health care setting.

“The enhancement of these diagnostic services at this facility will also assist with reducing out-of-pocket expenditure on lab services and transportation for the persons who access these services within the catchment area of Soufriere. This activity is therefore consistent with the principles of Universal Health Coverage, which speak of that increasing accessibility and affordability in the accessing of quality healthcare services in Saint Lucia,” Daniel said.

Mr. Ernest Augier who was representing the Parliamentary Representative for Soufriere thanked the PIU for the support and said this signifies the concern the government places on providing essential healthcare to the people.

Minister for Health, Hon. Moses Jn Baptiste expressed his gratitude for the handover of items and says this marks a steady and forward movement towards the attainment of Universal Health Coverage.

“It is very important for us to keep focused to ensure that what we are doing will benefit people at the end of the day. It is important for us to focus on people, patients and not only patients but Saint Lucians who are well and how do we keep Saint Lucians and people who access our healthcare services well. The wellness side of it is very important,” Jn Baptiste said.

The chemistry analyzer, coolers and vehicle for specimen transportation was financed through the OECS Regional Health Project in tune of over EC $277, 000.

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