Musicians call for More ‘Air Play’ on Saint Cecilia’s Day

AS customary, several of the island’s musicians and performing artistes took time off to participate in  displaying their talents during observance of St. Cecilia’s Day, the Patron saint of Musicians, celebrated annually on November 22.

Some pundits view these celebrations as heralding of the Yuletide Season. The Day began with a church service,  and then live musical performances at various locations on the island, street performances and sporting events.

From the Mega J bus stop to the Castries Market and other spots, musicians strutted their stuff, as eager onlookers gathered to take in some lively entertainment.

Veteran musician “Buffalo” Odlum has been an avid social activist and music enthusiast who has attempted to keep the St Cecilia’s Festival Day alive promoting the reverberating musical performances across the island.

He said the vibes were good that day and the musicians performed.

“I want to wish Bon Fete Ste Lucie to all the musicians and all the people that love music, and all the people that like our culture.”

Meanwhile, the musicians who performed at the event were very enthusiastic about devoting a day to celebrate their craft.

Clarence Felix, leader of the Tradition Band spoke about working to enhance the scope of the celebrations for future years.

He said, it would entail that “in every major district, you have a band playing …you have 17 constituencies, so you find that in every area there should be a Live Band playing.”

Gregory Sinaie, leader of the Destination Band wants local bands to be afforded more ‘air play’ on Saint Lucia’s radio stations and to be able to promote their music more extensively across the island.

“I don’t think that we play enough local (music) on the air waves …we do not get enough air play as locals, so we need to kind of fix that, and I feel that can enhance promoting more local songs on air,” he declared.

The Barre St Joseph venue, at La Croix Maingot has been another popular spot where musicians assemble to play live music.

With the influx of more local music in different genres, and seasoned and budding talented artistes abound on island, the rallying cry is for more local music to be played on the air waves.

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