“Michael and the Runaway Brains” – Seven-Year-Old Launches his First Book

A Fun Tale of Adventure, Confidence and Acceptance

Michael J. Skinner
Michael J. Skinner

A seven-year-old Saint Lucian is making waves after launching his first book, ‘Michael and the Runaway Brains’.

This local author, a captivating young man called Michael J. Skinner, said his “teacher taught us about fiction in writing class, and one day my mommy asked me to tell her my story.”

The latter was easy, according to Michael.

“I wanted to have mystery, adventure and a story that makes kids feel good about being themselves. With my mommy’s help, I saw in my story that everyone has something special inside, and it’s okay to ask for help when things get tricky,” he said.

Michael and the Runaway Brains book cover

‘Michael and the Runaway Brains’ invites readers into a vibrant and delightful journey “where the brains of a class of young children have called it quits and it is up to one young boy to save them.”

Beyond the mischief, the story celebrates self-confidence as Michael learns to trust in his unique abilities to navigate challenges.

According to a release, the book was inspired by Michael’s own love for adventure. The young author encourages children to dive into the enchanting world of books and the story also highlights the importance of asking for help when needed.

At its core, the book promotes acceptance, embracing differences, and celebrating individuality.

“Michael, with a genuine spirit, shows that our unique qualities are what make us extraordinary,” the release stated.

Furthermore, “‘Michael and the Runaway Brains’ stands as a testament to the importance of nurturing creativity in classrooms. Michael’s story emerged from a writer’s workshop where his teacher ignited the spark that led to this extraordinary adventure. The book showcases the incredible stories that can bloom when children are encouraged to let their imaginations soar.”

Readers can now dive into the magical world of Michael’s stories by purchasing ‘Michael and the Runaway Brains’ on the website Anyone getting their copy early is also in for a treat, as they will receive a free creativity and fun worksheet pack from Michael “and other surprises.”

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