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BOSL Transforms Soufriere Waterfront

Soufriere Waterfront
Soufriere Waterfront

Embracing the holiday spirit and in line with the ‘Tis the Season of Winning Promotion’, Bank of Saint Lucia (BOSL),on last Friday, joyfully unveiled the completed Soufriere Waterfront Project, a collaborative initiative carried out by local service providers, aimed at enriching the public space for Soufriere residents.

The extensive revitalization effort encompassed chair and table restoration, concrete work, power-washing, and repainting, now stand as a testament to the Bank’s dedication to community engagement and support for local enterprises.

To infuse the Christmas cheer, a beautifully adorned Christmas tree now graces the heart of the Soufriere waterfront, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance for both residents and visitors.

Recognizing the challenges posed by branch closures and renovation activities, Martina Dornelly, Branch Manager, expressed gratitude, stating, “The Soufriere Waterfront Project is a testament to our commitment to the community. We acknowledge the inconveniences caused by branch closures and renovation works, extending our heartfelt thanks to the customers in the area for their remarkable patience and understanding.” This project reflects the Bank’s unwavering dedication to giving back to the community, ensuring that its positive impacts resonate locally.

As part of the handover celebration, the community enjoyed spectacular performances by Arthur Arlain, the Sulphur Stars Steel Orchestra, the MTX Band, and A1 Jugglers. These musical and entertainment contributions added a dynamic and celebratory element to the event, underscoring the vibrant spirit of Soufriere.

Bank of Saint Lucia remains steadfast in its commitment to playing an active role in community development efforts in Soufriere, fostering stronger bonds with residents and contributing to the overall prosperity of the community.

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