32 Kwéyòl Media Practitioners Honoured by the FRC

The Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre last Friday honoured 32 Kwéyòl media practitioners following the hosting of Swawé Nouvèl èk Listwa on 10thNovember, 2023. Swawé Nouvèl èk Listwa is an initiative conceptualized by the FRC to celebrate some of the individuals who have been instrumental in the promotion and elevation of the Kwéyòl language. Among those lauded for their work were 26 Saint Lucians and six Dominicans, namely:


1. Adonis, Lawrence

2. Bahtou, Lena

3. Charles, Clement

4. Charles, Pastor Wulstan

5. Cherry, George

6. Carlton “Coaks” Cyril

7. Etienne, Jahim Michel

8. Fevrier, Pastor Joseph

9. Flood, Sam “Juke Bois”

10. Fontenard, Silvanius

11. Gaspard, Michael

12. Haynes, Andrew “Yardie”

13. Huntley, Earl

14. Hutchinson, Primus

15. Hyacinth, Marylin

16. LaForce, Hilary

17. Miller, Marcellus “Man”

18. Polius, Mary

19. Popo, Charles

20. St. Clair, Albert

21. Sydney, Philip

22. Yarde, Cyprian

Posthumous Recognition

1. Alexander, Hilaire (Deceased)

2. Henry, Ferdinand (Deceased)

3. John, Father Reginald (Deceased)

4. Noel, Algernon (Deceased)


1. Fontaine, Kaywana

2. Dennis, Milia Joseph

3. Charles, Leroy Wadix

4. Rabess, Gregory

Posthumous Recognition

5. Henderson, Felix (Deceased)

6. Fontaine, Marcel D’jamala (Deceased)

Over its 50 years of existence as a movement and now into the 40th year since the commemoration of Jounen Kwéyòl, the FRC remains committed to the advancement of Kwéyòl. Moreover, the advocacy and work of the FRC towards national Kwéyòl literacy, the formal teaching of Kwéyòl within the education sector and the official recognition of Kwéyòl as a language remains unwavering.

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