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Was the PM ill or well prepared for the job?

By James Stanislaus

BOTHERSOME is about the only word we can think of to describe Fair Helen.  That is indeed sad based upon the numerous utterances of the PM prior to the general elections as he repeated over and over that he was the most well-prepared individual to assume the reins of power.  Twenty-five months to date since the last elections, we have proved the PM totally wrong and we conclude, based on the glaring gaffes recognized to date, along with the infrastructural losses placed on the backs of hard-working taxpayers, which have never been registered in the annals of St Lucia.

This administration entered government without a plan and if we are indeed correct this spells trouble for years ahead of 2023 and beyond.  Pip was reminded over and over, prior to elections, that since he mismanaged his own constituency for twenty-five years, how could he be trusted to manage an entire nation.  He never once attempted to address the question, and like a clueless individual he jumped into the fray hook, line and sinker, now declaring that he remains at the mercy of the voters for their advice.  Unfortunately, in the process, he will drag all of us down together with him.

The latest fiasco within the Police Force at a time when the state requires all the protection possible based on the high level of crime, he continues playing dominoes with the most important position of our national security.  Has the PM ever considered listening to the one talk show which brings the truth to light?  If not, he should tune in and listen to the voices pleading for the opportunities to make use of their skills, and by extension their livelihoods, especially within the construction industry where all the formidable projects were intentionally curtailed, leaving a vast number of heavy equipment owners in like order and condition.  PUTTING PEOPLE WORSE NOT FIRST.

To date, the opening of the Cabot Golf Course, Orange Grove Plaza, the continuation of the HIA Airport tower, the Marriott Hotel at Pointe Seraphin, are the only highlights shedding some light of progress to our nation, all commissioned by the former administration.  Unless prompt and drastic measures are taken to stop the decline, jobs will only become a dream.

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