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Transformation will remain a figment of our imagination

Nobel Laureate, Derek Walcott
Saint Lucian Nobel Laureate, Derek Walcott
Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

NO doubt, one can remember your name, but not find it necessary to establish your legacy.

As for Derek Wolcott, he’s no-doubt mentioned frequently as a son of the soil who’s put us on the map, but we do so only for bragging rights and not for appreciation of his works, his passion or his love for his island home.

Frequently, we refer to his name, in some cases he remains a constant living memory, but sadly, only for official reasons. The city’s square is named after him and so is a school, his statue beautifies our landscape, his monumental image makes us all proud, but if five million visitors grace these shores in any one year, nowhere can they say: “I saw his plays…”

All the plans to honour his name – such as making Rat Islet a private place for literature and an Art Sanctuary – seem to have faded with his death. Or, to change his childhood home and have it become an art community, or better-still, to build a brand-new theatre named after him. But, no such happenings.

Sir Arthur Lewis is no different… you would have thought that we would be masters at economic planning, especially for the common man’s needs, but our money management seems to be only for self-interest, not used to channel the country to be exceptional.

We like to use people and we like other people’s money, we have a great love for profit, and we hold on to political coat tails, but we are not the sacrificing type of people. It’s always about What We Can Get from the Country via the System, but not the other-way-around.

If, by chance, we had purpose, then we would have vision and we as a Country would stand above the rest, not to have a checkered history…

Many mean good and start with good intentions, but seem to end-up on the crooked path rather than a righteous one. Our glory is for earth, we do not work in the interest of the next generation, but rather for self, for family and friends, so-said-so and so on…

I have seen greatness in many nationals, ordinary folks, but it is the elite the schoolers and the qualified ones that seem to get a chance to nibble at the economic pie. They have become masters of manipulating and deceit, great at offering ideas that take us nowhere in a hurry.

We are great at finding excuses, good at deceiving, bright when it comes to bluff, excellent at false representation and giving consultative advice; and we also have become good as professional thieves and modern-day Robin Hoods.

We will sink the ship to get the gold, destroy the many to give us name – Oh, what a tangle web we weave… So, the pure at heart will continue to work in vain, while the selective few enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Transformation will remain a figment of our imagination and meaningful change will remain an illusion, as there is no judgement on Earth and Heaven is too-far to see the results.

Now we have new and upcoming names such as Daren Sammy, Laverne Spencer and Julienne Alfred – great for tourism, good for business, new flesh and new additions to our range.

Wow! Now we got new reasons to peddle our country, the cow fattens and the dish is becoming more expensive per serving, as it’s only VIP prices we sell everything for, to the highest bidders. We will not settle for losers – and all we do is legally-binding, so we leave no stone unturned.

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