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The heat is unbearable, but our forest is not burning…

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

WHERE are those born with purpose and like in the days of Noah ‘destined to take our people out of bondage…’? Where are the virtuous, those who understand the difference between good and bad, and the consequences of evil deeds, who cannot be bribed or think of self before purpose?

Is there none amongst us that wants to lead, guide, be supportive, be helpful make sound decisions and can confront the international world and not play ball for the sake of personal gain and self-satisfaction?

If we are displeased with the make-up of the existing governments because they have been tinted with corruption allegations, or associated with unscrupulous business associations, who are the replacement possibilities?

Are all our people of the same ilk? Is it about ‘mem bete, mem pwel’ or no living saints? Are we only to be given the least of the righteous? Is integrity not a criterion for high office? Are we always supposed to scrape the bottom of the barrel? Are there no new ideas for progressive development with people in mind? Am I to believe that we live in or have a country of non-caring individuals?

Is political office about exploitation and manipulation and using the masses to gain merit? Can we not see or feel the suffering of the masses? Can we not see the masses need to find meaningful support and a new form of education and understanding what a national contribution should be all about?

Should we not make a concerted effort to eradicate illiteracy as well as poverty and give new and real hope for all nationals and those who choose to ensure survival on our shores?

We need to change the pages of history, to go to another stage and avoid living in the mis-management of the past. All over the world there are stresses in life and to live has become stressful, as not everybody who choose to migrate ends up sleeping on a bed of roses.

Life is getting tough everywhere, but it has not got to be the same here. The heat is unbearable, but our forest is not burning; our land may not be owned by most, but it is still fertile and can bear fruit; and we can grow enough to become self-sufficient; and our seas can still provide enough fish for us to stay nourished.

If we decide to go back to roots, all the meats and eggs needed to feed and supply our nation can be made possible – and we can even export.

There is a lot we can do to improve our lives and enhance our ‘livity’, but for any of these possibilities to come to reality, we need to identify a new breed of political groupings, those with pure hearts. We need persons, men and women that are not distant from having a riotous disposition.

I think if we seek, we can find and we ought not to give up on ourselves because in the middle of the rubbish and in the midst of the rut, we can still find valuable items.

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