Sanders Assumes Historic Third Term Presidency of OAS Permanent Council

Sir Ronald Sanders
Sir Ronald Sanders

SIR Ronald Sanders, Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to the Organization of American States (OAS), is set to create history by assuming the presidency of the OAS Permanent Council for an unprecedented third term. This remarkable achievement marks another significant ‘first’ for Antigua and Barbuda since the OAS expanded its membership 61 years ago.

Sir Ronald’s third official term commences on October 1st. He has already demonstrated his leadership and commitment by serving as President on various critical occasions, including acting as President over five sessions in the past two weeks alone.

His previous official tenures as President in 2016 and 2021 saw him steering the Council’s response to political crises in nations like Haiti, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. As a pivotal figure within the Organization, Sir Ronald has been instrumental in drafting, negotiating, and endorsing resolutions, declarations, and statements that resonate with countries across the hemisphere.

Ambassador Sanders has consistently voiced significant issues pertaining to the Caribbean, taking a strong stance on matters like Climate Change, racism, discrimination, reparations for slavery, women’s rights, and the urgent call for social justice and equity.

In recognition of this historic accomplishment, Antigua and Barbuda’s Foreign Minister, E. Paul Chet Greene, expressed the Government’s profound pleasure. “Ambassador Sanders’ record-setting leadership at the OAS amidst a plethora of challenges facing the nations of our Hemisphere unequivocally demonstrates that a country’s size is no barrier to its ability to lead effectively, provided it is armed with knowledge and experience,” stated Minister Greene.

Looking ahead, Ambassador Sanders disclosed that his third presidency’s agenda would prominently feature critical issues like climate change, guns, gangs, violence, and access to concessional financing for development. He aims to improve the inter-American system and anticipates addressing the ongoing situations in Haiti, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

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  1. I fail to see what’s so historic about this development when the presidency of the OAS Permanent Council rotates every 3 months in alphabetical order. So because Ambassador Sanders has been at the OAS as long as he has, it’s inevitable he would get to chair the body a third time. What’s important is what the Ambassador has achieved in his previous terms at the helm of the body? I’d say not a lot, because there’s not much that can be achieved in 3-months. And judging by the many issues the Ambassador plans to address in this term, it’s unlikely he will achieve much on any of them.

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