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Kwéyòl Language to Be Included in Schools’ Curricula

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Cognizant of the value attached to the Saint Lucian culture and identity-government has made a decisive move to include the Kweyol language into the country’s school curricula. 

This will be part of the education curriculum and reflects continued efforts by the Government of Saint Lucia to preserve the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Speaking at the recent launch of Creole Heritage Month Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industries, and Culture Guibion Ferdinand, made the disclosure.

According to Ferdinand, it is important that children learn their Kwéyòl history, traditions, and the history of Saint Lucia and the Caribbean.

“It is not only the history of Great Britain and Europe which will be taught,” he said. “The government will ensure that Kwéyòl traditions gain greater prominence because if we don’t teach the next generation, the culture will die.”

Ferdinand said the Government of Saint Lucia will ensure that matters relating to the Saint Lucian identity will be given the value and importance that it deserves.

Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl [Creole Heritage Month] will be celebrated in October.

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