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Global Ports Holding Partnership Marks Milestone in Elevating Saint Lucia’s Cruise Tourism


THE Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) has described its partnership with Global Ports Holding (GPH), the world’s leading cruise port operator, as ground-breaking and a strategic move aimed at propelling Saint Lucia’s cruise tourism sector to new heights.

“The recently signed concession agreement ushers in a transformative era for the island’s cruise tourism product, enhancing both infrastructure and visitor experience,” SLASPA stated in a recent press release.

“Recognizing the pivotal role cruise tourism plays within the Castries Harbor and comprising just over 10% of SLASPA’s business portfolio, this collaboration reinforces the commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and economic vitality. The partnership seeks to leverage GPH’s unparalleled expertise to revitalize Saint Lucia’s cruise facilities, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of global standards,” noted SLASPA in its release.

“Moreover, the partnership envisions a holistic approach to enhancing the cruise tourism experience. GPH, in synergy with SLASPA and the Government of Saint Lucia, is committed to working collaboratively to elevate the physical infrastructure as well as the overall destination experience for cruise passengers,” the release added.

SLASPA’s CEO, Mr. Daren Cenac, expressed his enthusiasm for the transformative partnership, stating, “This collaboration signifies a remarkable milestone in our journey to fortify Saint Lucia’s position as a premier cruise destination. GPH’s global expertise, combined with our local insights, creates a synergy that holds immense promise for the future of cruise tourism in our beloved country.”

As the partnership with GPH takes shape, SLASPA says it remains steadfast in its mission to drive sustainable economic growth, enhance visitor experiences, and cement Saint Lucia’s standing on the world stage as a leading cruise tourism destination.

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