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We need to broaden our horizon with a culture of inclusion

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

So-often, you hear that the Government is not doing this and that, and because of certain neglects we suffer from certain deficiencies. To a certain extent this is true, because of the lack of a comprehensive long-term planning and having to deal with five-year development phases to ensure the ruling party retains governance, hence the reasons certain compromises must be done.

Today, we have a country of satisfied and dissatisfied nationals. Those graced with working opportunity keep their hopes up, and those unemployed and under-skilled fight to eek-out a living.

The discontented is where the problem of state lies:

The many promises made through the years to improve social services and create social programmes to entice the upcoming generation, but without excluding the many elderly statesmen and woman who themselves need support and help to endure the perils of life at this time.

No doubt times are tough, the escalating cost of goods and services remain a hindrance towards overall growth and most persons would like to help themselves, but need to be productively engaged, to be skilled, or educated, in order to be productive.

In addition, some would rather opt for self-employment, but finding the necessary finance can be an uphill task.

People in the creative or sporting arena still live in hope and have aspirations of a better tomorrow, but the now –the present — is not happening and that breeds frustration and the underground survival means become more attractive as an alternative means of survival.

We need to broaden our horizon with a culture of inclusion because all people need attention despite their social, or political affiliation. We cannot remain biased, or continue segregation based on class, education, or friendship as it relates to a particular party and thus being favoured before another. All that poop must stop! We are all citizens and all classes need equal attention!

The Government of the day, as well as those in waiting, must have one common objective: to satisfy the needs of its people. New ground must be broken, we need new non-traditional jobs and more new avenues for employees.

Note that those with money and assets must also invest in our economy. Monies gotten from grants, or loans, or gifts from friendly Governments must be subdivided to make all persons feel and know they too are entitled.

We have been told that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, but the neglect of any sector of society will haunt us all in the end.

Leaving human beings languishing in jail without their day in court is barbaric. Those who have become inmates need to become more productive, the state needs all hands on deck and they should profit from the many we feed and house for free, who are supposed to pay for their actions.

Education has to become holistic and the days of one-stream education need to be re-assessed.

The legal establishment and policing of our country has to work hand in hand and all those seeking justice must be given the satisfaction of their situation being dealt with.

Until we as a country come to the reality that everybody counts then the worst will continue. So, my opinion is to learn from the mistakes of others and create your own plans for progress.

And finally, the government has to do all it can to ensure that health care becomes more affordable and accessible to all.

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