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Police Hierarchy To Criminals – “We Are Determined To Take Our Country Back”

By Reginald Andrew
Police Commissioner, Crusita Descartes-Pelius
Police Commissioner, Crusita Descartes-Pelius

Law enforcement officials here say the recent legislation enacted by government to strengthen the powers of the police has been paying dividends.

Commenting on the issue of increased activity on the ground, Commissioner of Police Crusita Pelius-Descartes noted that an equal thrust is also being put into patrol duties at the sub-stations.

The police commissioner said that with the addition of the Regional Security System (RSS) officers on the island, the police have strengthened their operations in terms of putting more numbers on the ground.

“We are hoping to continue (to address) the issue of crime in this country, whether it’s in the south where we have these issues and at all levels. At sub-stations and on a national basis, because we want better for Saint Lucia,” Pelius-Descartes told reporters at a media briefing Monday.

Making an impassionate plea with a determination to restore law and order in the country, she added: “We are not in any way happy with what is happening in the country , we are not ….we want to ensure the public that we’re doing our utmost, and we are determined to make a difference.

We are determined to take our country back from the criminals … and we will do everything in our power, lawfully, to take back this country.”

Said the Commissioner, “Our officers are competent enough to do that. I want to thank them so much because our officers have worked very hard and us as citizens must show some appreciation and respect to our officers.”

Referring to security for the tourism sector, the COP said that while other countries are “doing well”, there is need for Saint Lucia to do better as the country “depends heavily on tourism.”

“We need to take back our country and it’s not the responsibility of the police alone …we need the efforts of everyone,” she added. “We all can play a role to make Saint Lucia better. It’s our responsibility and yes we are law enforcers …but to keep Saint Lucia in a better stead, it’s all of our responsibility. We can do better than that and we ought to do it, let us be more patriotic, let us take back our country.”

Deputy Police Commissioner (Strategic Operations) Ronald Phillip assured reporters that the combined forces of the Regional Security System (RSS) and officers from the Royal St Lucia Police Force [RSLPF] have been busy and quite astute in carrying out their operations.

Phillip explained that Saint Lucia is part of the RSS which consists of representatives of “friendly governments” such as Barbados, Dominica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), Grenada, and they work in tandem with the RSLPF officers.

“So we have officers on the ground, in terms of trying to de-escalate the crime situation that has happened, especially over the last few weeks. And so far the operations have been moving smoothly and residents are especially pleased, especially the residents from Vieux Fort, they are very happy with what they’re seeing,” said Phillip.

“We have intensified our efforts, we have intensified patrols and have engaged in more searches. So far the operations have been going on smoothly,” he explained.

Phillip noted that the officers are quite happy with the recent legislation as “it gives us more powers to operate, now that the area is declared an escalated crime area…and once police officers are operating in good faith.”

Police Officers patrolling the streets of Vieux Fort.

Noting that the police are not there to trample down on anyone’s human rights, he said, the term “acting in good faith”  as defined in the legislation, mandates the officers “to uphold the values of the police force, which speaks to professionalism.”

Stemming out of the recent investigations, on March 22 police arrested and charged Arenato Soumere alias “Toetoe”, 22, of Martin Luther King Street, Vieux Fort for the murder of Loraine Savery that occurred on March 9.

Savery, 59, was among three individuals shot dead during the gun violence mayhem that exploded in the community that day.

Phillip adds that currently, the police “are working on several leads and some of our operations require some level of DNA (evidence), but we are actively pursuing those cases and individuals.”

He said other individuals have been arrested for possession of illegal firearms, ammunition and drugs.

Speaking on the structure of the combined forces team in operation, the DPC explained: “We are adopting a blended approach, so we have an infusion of local police officers along with the regional officers. You may see them primarily in Vieux Fort, but we are operating island-wide.”


    Finally, some encouraging news from guess who, a lady cop bravo, I sense the spirit moving, and the force is strong in that one!, now who else wants to jump-start the war machine, let’s hear it Saint Lucia shout it out on the rooftops, we will take no more.
    Make the criminals see and feel your wrath in all corners of the Island, your fight is a holy fight, and you must prevail in this endeavor, I am extremely happy and excited to boot Saint Lucia, by this report. I always say our ladies know how to organize and take no quarters.
    Make no mistake the fight ahead will be hard, but you have the power to overcome, and time is on your side, finally an encouraging news one which I take with delight.
    Respect is earned, concentrate on leveling the playground Saint Lucia, this is no time to be parted on the back, this is no time to reason why, but to do and fight, when you will have driven all the pushers, the traffickers, the thieves, the murders, and the crocked representatives into the sea, then you will have earned my respect.
    I too am a born Saint Lucian, my grand uncle has been one of the leaders of our small nation Island, he rules with integrity, and the people love him. It was a time of innocent a time to refresh one’s spirit with agape love, Saint Lucia you are now on the right track, move ahead with faith in your heart and the victory will be yours.
    When you walk through a storm, you must keep your head high, and don’t be afraid of the cowards who Luc in the shadows to victimize your citizen, for you and you alone can bring them to justice, you are not the western world so don’t think like them, whosoever is found guilty of committing a lawless crime, should be swiftly punished, if you kill you should receive the same punishment, if you crop our citizen you should be jail and flog daily.
    Now think of rewriting your laws to fit the punishment, your efforts will be wasted if you harbor and give them a safety net to hide, criminals are not fools, especially the smart ones who research the law to fit into their agenda, Sait Lucia to be victorious you must return to basic, there is no time to be politically correct, we are at war.
    Have courage citizens of Saint Lucia, a new day is coming to make hay while the sun shines, continue the momentum set by your Moses to be.

    I the poet write to my people, the native-born Saint Lucian, I know your strength, yes I do! And I know your weakness, your weaknesses are you are very slow to anger and think it best not to meddle in other’s business, you stay at a distance looking in.
    Whereas it’s a rare noble quality to live by, I employ you to make some changes and support your local officers in the fight for deliverance, and that brings me to your strengths, most admirable you are a people with a noble heart, a generous soul that would help each other in times of trouble, those qualities only derive from Citizen born in Saint Lucia no other.
    Normally I would not instruct you in one way or another until I see the fire in your determination to rid out evil, so I am pleading with you to support the top cop and her squad to uphold justice in your Island home, now is not the time to stand idle by and watch through your bedroom blinds, your salvation depends on you doing the right thing volunteer and be a voice heard throughout the Island.
    Crime segregates a society, corrupts a nation, kills a democracy, and plagues a people to a point of no return, I believe the new Moses will be your shepherd of deliverance from those who would blacken your precious simple beautiful Saint Lucia.
    Avoid a lifetime of grief, take up the banner forward ever backward never, and make this your calling song, the lady cop needs you forward children of Saint Lucia.
    The poet.

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