Government Owes Fresh Start $100 Million

The Government of Saint Lucia owes the construction firm, Fresh Start $100 million for works completed over a five-year period.

A spokesperson from the Office of the Prime Minister told THE VOICE, which earlier this week reported that the amount owed was $1,000,000.

The official explained that the government owes Fresh Start “for all the work done from 2016 to 2021…and it was not only the St Jude hospital that they worked on. They (also) worked on the roads and other public infrastructure”.

The official said, Fresh Start “received multiple contracts, multiple direct awards for the period …and for works that have been certified to date, payment have begun.”

After a contractor has completed works for the government, the government sends its team to assess the works and as soon as the project is certified, payments are then made to the contractor, noted the official.

The official added, “Government has not defaulted on any payments.

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