EC$500,000 Earmarked for La Resource Health and Wellness Centre

A new health facility has been earmarked for the La Resource community.

The community’s health and wellness centre was ravaged by fire in March 2015, forcing all services offered at the centre to be transferred to the Richfond Wellness Centre.

Earlier this month, clinical users of the center were allowed an opportunity to review the existing structure and provide recommendations to the technical officers present as to the physical, technical and logistical needs, which must be taken into consideration during the design and construction of the new facility earmarked to begin within the new financial year.

A section of the Burnt out La Ressource Health and Wellness Centre.
A section of the Burnt out La Ressource Health and Wellness Centre.

“The staff were most grateful that after eight years, the process of them moving back to the La Resource Wellness Centre has been initiated, and will provide much needed access to health services to residents,” the Ministry noted in a statement.

The site visit was led by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer and the Corporate Planning Unit; financing for the project will be provided by the Government of Saint Lucia to the tune of XCD$500,000.00.

Ministry officials present at the site visit were Deputy Permanent Secretary – Mrs. Tessa Inglis, Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Sharon Belmar- George, Medical Officer of Health – Dr. Glensford Joseph, Senior Dental Surgeon – Dr. Sherry Ephraim – Le Compte, PNO – Nurse Julietta Frederick – Cassius, PNO Dennery Hospital – Nurse Alcindor, PHNS – Nurse Reynolds, Chief Health Planner – Ms. Lauren Blanchard, Engineer – Monty Emmanuel, Engineer – Wendell Bernard, Biomedical Engineer – Lucas Poleon, Quality Assurance Officer – Heidi Jaganath and Quality Assurance Officer – Len Leonce.

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