CCSS Prepares for 50th Anniversary

CCSS Principal Marva Daniel and students.
CCSS Principal Marva Daniel and students.

The Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS) will observe its 50th anniversary of activities next year.

And plans have already commenced for the grand occasion. According to a CCSS spokesperson, a multitude of activities have been organized by the Alumni and PTA of the school to signify this milestone achievement.

Social Media has been buzzing with activity from former CCSS students as they prepare for the 9th year of Roll Call.

CCSS Principal, Marva Daniel said, the Roll Call is a reunion event hosted by the CCSS Alumni in collaboration with the Parent Teachers Association (PTA). The CCSS principal remarked:  “It’s an event filled with nostalgia, reminiscing, reconnecting, and a display of CCSS pride”.

“But obviously, Roll Call is not just for students,” Daniel explained. “So, we’re inviting not just past students, past staff members, and even parents, because our school is made up of all of these stakeholders. So a reunion event of this magnitude requires every single person’s collaboration and engagement.”

Strumming up support for this magnanimous milestone achievement, she added: “So make Saturday March 25th a day that you will always remember.”

Roll Call 2023 – the Back-to-School nighttime edition forms part of the fund-raising activities for the 49th anniversary of Compre (CCSS) as it is affectionately called , and many former students have tagged themselves present via social media frames and many others are expected to descend on the CCSS auditorium on March 25th ,  for the main event.

Daniel says that fund-raising events like these are very important as the learning institution is faced with numerous challenges that it must out of necessity overcome for future generations.

“Rather unfortunately, our students are part of a school that needs a lot of resources and so…thieves should understand and not be breaking into schools (since ) schools have so many challenges,” said Daniel. “And our students here know certainly as they practice and prepare for their CXC’s that they will not be able to use the stage in our auditorium, because the roof is leaking and when the leakage occurs that water seeps under the stage, which is then severely compromised.”

Added Daniel: “So we now need all the help we can.”

She urged supporters to buy a block, tiles or other building apparatus to raise funds for needy renovations at the institution.

“So, come this summer we want our auditorium repaired, restored and providing the Form IVs with the educational space that (they) require and deserve,” declared Daniel.

Roll Call is a lead-up to the grand 50th anniversary of CCSS on March 31, 2024 and former students are expected to turn out in full force, in uniform or face detention.

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