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CCJ – A grave denial to the ordinary man

By James Stanislaus

Despite the ongoing attempt by the opposition for St Lucians to examine the pitfalls of the CCJ, there still appears to be persons who remain inclined to simply accept the government’s decision sans referendum.  At this juncture, we wish to remind St Lucians that some three years ago a percentage of Brits turned a blind eye to the Brexit matter for the same reasons St Lucians are turning a blind eye in turning away from the Privy Council.

As a result of Brexit, the UK government has changed four prime ministers in the space of three years based on the divisions created within the political ranks of the country.  Each department blamed each other because the government of the day failed to educate the ordinary man of the pitfalls.  All the St Lucia opposition is saying, please discuss the pros and cons with the ordinary man and then move on.  A referendum merely galvanizes the understanding of the decision.  Not because the present government enjoys a two thirds majority that such a unilateral decision should be taken.  One of the most recognized attorneys in St Lucia who acted as the chief justice for some eighteen months clearly informed a social gathering in my presence before his passing that St Lucia should stay far away from the CCJ for reasons he considers too concerning.

During the limited appearances of Sir Dennis Byron on local television, many of the callers displayed their pessimism as Sir Dennis a former Chief Justice was unable to clarify their concerns and that in itself should have raised a red flag.  Our legal system at this time is in shambles, so putting the cart before the horse makes little sense.

As a simple reminder to the nation, we should recall that the prime minister and the Speaker of the House found it normal behaviour to make their presence felt at a Courthouse to ensure justice prevailed.  Does this sound like a legal system standing on its own or one on remote control?

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