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BEWARE: Ideas have legs, but we can easily take the wrong stride!

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

There is usually a situation when policy is handed down that the persons given the responsibility to implement seldom take into consideration, especially the needs of the end-users or the stakeholders.

What frequently happens is that there is no consultation taking place before implementation and that is why the discontent surfaces.

A budget is usually at the center of the controversy, in terms of what is offered, what is supposed to take place, how the money will be spent and who should be the profiteers, what shortcuts should be applied, as well as who should get the contracts and who will deliver.

In the meantime, those waiting for the completion must wait and see the outcome without having an input or any say in how the end result will affect them.

Everybody on the project is looking for their pound of flesh, everybody wants things to happen their way and if there are shortcomings, nobody wants to accept the blame or admit they may have faltered. And those at the end of the line who expect to use or profit from the venture or utilize the unit, have to wait and see and hope that all their needs would be taken into consideration, or it will meet their expectations.

No interjections, no pre-knowledge, no insight and no discussion until completion and hopefully by then, if there are errors, no one is to be blamed.

The problem with most projects that Government has a say in, is the selected chosen few to head these projects who are free to do as they please because in the final analysis it is their government in power and since they are usually one of the boys, there is no need to be accountable.

It happens under all governments: Cost overrun is normal, substandard work is normal, compromised material is normal and shabby work is normal, as well as not finishing on time.

Ideas have legs but one can always easily take the wrong stride, or one can also bluff their way through, or pretend to be doing the right things and in the meantime diss the system.

Everybody is usually for self, the order of the day is to maximize the work day and reduce the work hours, also to pilfer, steal and rip-off if necessary, and don’t be concerned if the final product is not up to standard or will not serve the intended purpose, and worry not if the end user will be satisfied.

The name of the game is to bluff and scheme and maximize one’s profits; and many take the position that there is more money where it came from, especially if it comes from the government because government will foot the bill because it is their duty to get the funds and it is the selected few that should share the pie, while the blame falls on no one and nobody is usually held responsible — and if there is criticism, no big thing.

What a way to go…

So, if better can’t be done, worse will continue – and this is how the cookie jar crumbles!

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