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Why break laws and still beg The Law for justice?

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

On our law books are hundreds of laws, some designed to avoid conflicts, some old and nonsensical, some that need revamping and many that need enforcement. Yet, I get the impression that most persons still naturally defy the law, some challenge them and some just ignore them altogether. Some care nothing about the law, yet when they find themselves needing justice, it is the same law they turn to.

There are laws governing mankind, determining rights and wrongs, laws for uplifting and laws for suppressing actions.

But the biggest problem lies in enforcing and justifying the laws.

Laws prevent unnecessary misunderstanding, and they can and should act as guidelines, yet there are those who break the law with impunity.

Civilized society needs laws to govern human behavior, because it is natural to break the law or pretend it does not exist. Sometimes laws are used for convenience and other times for justification, but regardless how you see Law and Order, without them life would remain chaotic.

The biggest concern for me is the way I see and know that people transgress the laws, or seldom take the law into consideration, unless it suits them when seeking justice, and especially if one of their family or close friend needs help, and only then they actually care about The Law.

My generation grew up accepting the laws of God, laws that govern mankind, laws needed for determining opening and closing times, operational laws, road laws, institutional laws, laws that determine dress code, or proper ethical habits, what we term as the proper Code of Conduct. Yet, despite all the establishment has done to ensure that Law governs humanity, all the established laws of our country are frequently trampled upon and violated.

Breaking some laws can land you in jail, make your right become wrong, or determine how the average citizen should behave. Yet, so many of us ignore laws — and for that reason people will feel they are forced to take the law in their own hands to obtain satisfaction.

As to if the state has what it takes to enforce its laws, or if in some cases to get by it is better to break the law, is an individual perception, but why seek it only when your back is against the wall? Why do so many law enforcers turn a blind eye? Why do judges and magistrates not always use the laws that allow for heaviest sentences for certain horrible crimes?

Why are governments sometimes the main law breakers and they always get away with braking it, while the downtrodden are those that examples are made of?

Are our jails made for a certain class of individual? Is it about who can pay to avoid being jailed? Is the law made for some and not others?

All that I ask in the name of the Law.

For me, if the state would step-up their action against all (notice the word all) lawbreakers we would have a better society.

I rest my case, because I have the feeling that some actually feel that breaking the laws keep the engine of growth alive.

After all, it is surely beneficial to a large percentage of our society.

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