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Open letter to the Prime Minister: Frustration at the Highest Order

On behalf of the residents of Cap Estate, Bonne Terre and the entire chain of hotels in the north we are making a strong appeal to the PM that we feel totally neglected, ignored and disrespected by the way we have been treated since the SLP has assumed the reins of power. In the PM’s New Year’s address to the nation, we carefully monitored his glowing remarks regarding the tourism industry while on the other hand, he has left the road network in the north in the most appalling and deplorable condition.

The PM needs to visit the roadway from the Rubis Gas Station in the North to the Bonne Terre junction and witness the chaos experienced twenty-four seven.  Mr PM do you have any compassion on the thousands of employees who leave their homes at 4:00 am daily to service the Le Sport Hotel, Royalton, Sandals Grande, Landings, Royal St Lucian, Bay Gardens Hotels and all the various Air B & B apartments and must remain in traffic for hours when they should be at home minding their families.  Is this putting people first?  Coupled to these concerns, the number one roundabout which leads to the Royal St Lucia, Bay Gardens Beach Resorts, Harmony Suites, Razmataz Restaurant, Buzz, Memories of Hong Kong and numerous Air B & B apartments remain disadvantaged thereby placing additional pressure on the one entrance at the Rodney Bay Malls.  The drop between the existing road and the roundabout is almost twelve inches and some taxis are forced to use this road under grueling conditions.  Additionally, the bollards along the Rodney Bay are in deplorable conditions with pieces of metal jutting out for the past twelve months.  For heaven’s sake get off your high horse and understand the importance of addressing the four-lane roadway commenced by the former administration.  This is no time for petty politics at the expense of the nation’s top income earning industry (tourism).

The employees of these institutions have been extremely tolerant and if our concerns remain unanswered, we have the recourse necessary which we would rather not implement at this time and we sincerely ask that you don’t test our nerves any further.

By Employees of the hotel industry

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