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NWU to Launch Financial Services Sector Industrial Council

The National Workers Union (NWU) will soon be launching its Financial Services Sector Industrial Council.  This initiative by the Union would bring together workers from commercial banks, credit unions and the National Insurance Corporation.

The Council would be a branch of the National Workers Union. Its objective is to create an industrial think tank that would generate data critical for the Union’s preparation for collective bargaining, grievance handling and industrial relations initiatives, with the intention of galvanizing efforts towards achieving a level of standardization and solidarity within the sector.

The National Workers Union sees this strategic move as timely and beneficial for the workers in the financial sector bearing in mind the complex social and economic challenges that have surfaced over time. It is expected that a One Day Forum will be organized to sensitize workers from the said sector.

The NWU currently represents workers in the majority of banks and credit unions in Saint Lucia.

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