More Communities on Board for Nobel Laureate Festival Celebrations

By Reginal Andrew
Members of the Nobel Laureate Festival Committee (NLFC) at a previous planning meeting.
Members of the Nobel Laureate Festival Committee (NLFC) at a previous planning meeting.

As part of the celebrations for this year’s Nobel Laureate Festival, more communities came on board to participate in the activities and display their cultural art forms.

At the NLF media launch, last week, Dahlia François, coordinator of the NLF community events was delighted to introduce the respective representatives as the Nobel Laureate Festival Committee [NLFC] observes its 30th year.

The communities of Babonneau, Gros Islet and Canaries have all expressed their interest to be part of this year’s NLF celebrations.

Representative of the Gros Islet community, Linda Charles-Ambroise, said they were pleased to be part of this “noble festivity”; with the community putting on a dazzling display of craft and literary productions.

Describing Gros Islet as “the most vibrant, dynamic and exciting community” on island, she said, this is the reason that Sir Derek Walcott made Gros Islet “his home …his creative juices flowed in Gros Islet, like nowhere else”.

The Gros Islet community activities began on January 8 with a mini-launch of the festival. Simultaneously, an Arts Exhibition was opened, featuring artists from the Gros Islet community.

Charles- Ambroise explained that the exhibition will include “pictorial, visual and sculpture on display”; and activities will be held at the Vladimir Lucien Theatre, located at the Gros Islet Human Resource Centre.

Activities continue on January 27 with a play entitled “Street Party – One Friday Night” to be directed and presented by choreographer Richard Ambroise.

Expressing his interest in participating in the NLF activities, Ambroise spoke about the input of Francois in getting him to come over from Florida for the occasion. “As a choreographer,   an artist the best thing to tell is who you are and where you’re from …there was the irony of a street party with people with drinks and coolers of drinks that continued regardless of rain , storm, or whatever. There was the rhythm of the people, some who were not from Saint Lucia and I found it a little bit curious,” he said.

Ambroise added that having studied “dance, its forms, and its techniques …I understand it a little bit better and when you come on the 27th, I hope to give you an experience that you’ve never had before. A high level of theatre, dance, technique and a mirror in which you will see yourselves in ways that you haven’t   before.”

Other activities include, on January 31 the launch of a book entitled: The Caring Entrepreneur – A Strategy for sustainable community-based Tourism, written by Sylvester Clauzel. The author has worked on several eco-tourism sustainable projects in the region and is ‘highly qualified’ in that field.

Renowned Saint Lucian poet, author and playwright Kendel Hippolyte has written several award-winning novels including; Fault Lines, Night Vision, and Birthright among other books. On January, 24 he will present – An Evening of Spoken Word.

Hippolyte commented that as an island, which is known for its “remarkable tradition of poetry and literature on the whole”, the presentation will include 13 poets male and female “presenting work both in English and Creole”, featuring veteran poet and actor McDonald Dixon to young budding poet Kadisha Halliday.

The Gros Islet NLFC has organized a mammoth list of activities for the celebrations..

The Exhibition of arts, crafts,  which began this week,  continues at the HRDC until January 24th.

January 18 – Lecture on the theme “Nurturing our Creativity, Consolidating our legacy” by award-winning writer, critic and actor, Vladimir Lucien

January 24 – “An Evening of Poetry and Spoken Word” by award-winning poet, director, playwright Kendel Hippolyte

*January 25th – Schools Poetry Festival – District I – 10.00 a.m.

January 27 – Street Party, One Friday Night” directed by award-winning choreographer, Richard Ambrose

*January 29- Finals of Song Competition – Taj Weekes, singer, musician and humanitarian activist – 2.00 p.m.

January 31 – Book launch – Sylvester Clauzel: writer, educator of sustainable tourism.

[*Other activities are scheduled to take place at the HRDC, from 7.00p.m.].

Florentia Popo, representative of the Babonneau Nobel Laureate Festival Committee highlighted some of the community presentations, to be held at the Babonneau Multi-Purpose Centre. The activities will include; an Arts Exhibition, featuring young artists, and focus on a graphic artist Carlis Doors, portrait artist Arthur D Williams , published author Alice Medard , writer Alicia Valas-Polius, and Latoya Murray , a participant and prize-winner of the Commonwealth Essay competition.

Levy St Marie, PRO of the Babonneau Nobel Laureate Festival Committee spoke on the National Skills Development Programme. Speaking about the National Skills competition, he said, “This project is going to be harnessing the youth …their creative arts and developing their talent, whether it be culinary arts, technology, the arts and drama. It’s actually going to focus and bring them together, whereby they could become entrepreneurs and also boosting our economic development.”

He explained that the initiative is being coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Innovation in collaboration with the Ministry of Economics.

Other events at Babonneau, include, on January, 20 – A Literary Night, at the Babonneau Secondary School, hosted by Wayne Benti.

The Canaries NLFC representative provided a zoom presentation outlining the list of activities to take place in the community.

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