Bank of Saint Lucia Supports Nobel Laureate Festival

Bank of Saint Lucia, longtime partner of the Nobel Laureate Festival, has again thrown its support behind this observance, which is of immense national importance.  The Festival, now in its 30th year, honours the achievements of our two Nobel Laureates Sir William Arthur Lewis and Sir Derek Alton Walcott.  

This year, the series of events are being held under the theme “Celebrating Excellence: Nurturing our creativity, consolidating our Legacy.” Festivities run from January 8th to the 31st, 2023.

At the official launch ceremony held on January 5th, Cedric Charles, Senior Manager Investment Banking Services stated, “For us at Bank of Saint Lucia, the decision to partner with the Nobel Laureate Festival Committee is always an easy one because we recognize that the festival is a celebration of our people; of who we are and most importantly a recognition of the potential that we all have.”

As the leading indigenous financial institution, Bank of Saint Lucia shares in the nation’s pride of accomplishment and remains committed to supporting observances of national significance such as the Nobel Laureate Festival. Commendations must be extended to the Nobel Laureate Festival Committee, co-sponsors and all stakeholders who have continued to play an integral role in ensuring the successful staging of the festival each year. The Bank encourages all Saint Lucians to participate in the upcoming activities particularly in ensuring that the knowledge of the tremendous achievements of our two Nobel Laureates is passed on to future generations.

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