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A Recipe for a Few Fatal Accidents

A smiling Denys Springer
By Denys Springer

I write this article not to be pedantic but to highlight two issues that could become a recipe for fatal accidents, God forbid.

Since the heavy rains in the north of the country last November, which saw cars floating down the streets of Corinth and elsewhere, as though they were rivers of no return, we must be thankful to the Most High that we did not see deaths occurring. However, many lost part of their livelihood, such as the farmer who lost all his cows in a shed behind the Dame Pearlette School. Without a doubt I sympathise with the family and hope that the powers that be did compensate that farmer.

Nevertheless, my real concern is the avalanche of vehicles that seem to be clustered at the entrance of the school gates on mornings and on afternoons during school time. It is without a doubt a sight to behold and without a doubt is not only a nuisance but simply dangerous especially as there is a pedestrian crossing for the children.

The reason for these occurrences is that the main school gates are only opened for staff to enter and at times parents. However what annoys me is that during the heavy weather when the Dame Pearlette school was heavily under water and severe damages occurred, to the extent that the school was closed for one week in order to clean up the mess that was left behind in the classrooms, more so downstairs, one could understand that situation.

However, what grips every sinew in my body is that I fail to understand why the fencing of the school perimeter, which had collapsed, has not been repaired. In my humble opinion anyone can enter the school during the day, which can put the lives of our children at risk.

Many of us are talking about crime and yet precaution is not taken to protect our children. I say that with a heavy heart. What is even more upsetting is that with a new roundabout built, an extra drive-in was made possible for entrance to the school. However that is now pie in the sky.

Now what we see at that entrance to the school, even when the fencing was up, is part of the parking area blocked off for staff, which is the part at the back which is narrow and designated for parents to drive, park and reverse.

This is simply absurd and ridiculous. That simply does not make sense and anyone with a bit of common sense would have realized the stupidity of such a decision. Common sense I have been told is not common, pardon the pun.

In terms of the fencing, LUCELEC which had its fencing down and which felt the devastating effect of the heavy rains has since repaired its fence. I have therefore, in all sincerity, concluded that the school and Ministry of Education believe that the repair of the fencing is left to the Ministry of Infrastructure. However, if that is the thought then I must tell them that it is a Ministry of Education responsibility

My main concern, apart from individuals being able to enter the school ad lib, is that the traffic congestion is unacceptable resulting in drivers doing U-turns in front the school’s gate.

Again, let me point out that I am not here as the prophet of gloom and doom but to state the facts as they are in the hope that some urgency can be given to a situation that is simply dangerous and unacceptable. What are the authorities waiting for? Is it death and destruction at the entrance to a school?

For those who are unaware, on that road in the last six months we have seen some horrible accidents. I am not exaggerating and those who live in the area can attest to that.

My other big concern is with the traffic at the entrance to Port Castries, near Faux-a-Chaux. It seems that the road on mornings and afternoons are simply packed with Lorries waiting to go into the port. One side of that narrow road has Lorries bumper to bumper parked outside waiting.  This only started sometime before Christmas and therefore no reason has been given or how long this will continue.

Police are needed in that area to ensure the lorries do not park there. This cannot continue. However, not only that but close to the entrance of the Port there is a pedestrian crossing. There is no doubt in my mind that we will witness a fatal accident there sooner or later.

There seem to be apathy in nearly every nook and cranny in this country and that rules and regulations are broken at will because many of the idiots in our society will vociferously tell you that their government is now in power.

So they pass their ignorance and blatant violation of the traffic laws onto the government. Yet, when the disciplinary action is taken they are quick to tell you that the government is not interested in the little man trying to make a living.

I say quite clearly in this article that we must live by the rule of law and not the rich man’s law nor the poor man’s law. It is basically the law of the land which must be observed. Therefore let us be good citizens.

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