14 Health Facilities on Island Expected to be Retrofitted to Meet Climate Smart Facilities Standards

 The OECS Regional Health Project continues its mandate to ensure health facilities are more resilient to managing a public health emergency following the recent signing of a consultancy contract for the design and supervision of retrofitting works for the smarting of 14 health facilities.

The consultancy contract was awarded to Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB), Amarna Consult Limited and Coles Associates Limited for the preparation of design, bidding documents, supervision and bill of quantities for the health facilities. However, local contractors will be given the opportunity to get the retrofitting works.

Project Coordinator of the Project Implementation Unit Jeanette Jn Louis Hughes says it is a significant milestone to award this consultancy contract which will ensure that health facilities are greener.

“This consultancy under the OECS Regional Health Project will enable us to see the commencement of the design of these facilities to incorporate smarting concepts so that our facilities will be able to withstand any extreme weather conditions and to minimize any possibility of disruption of the service in the event of a disaster. The consultancy will be undertaken through a consortium of local experts as well as a Canadian company which was selected in accordance with the World Bank procurement procedures,” Hughes said.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Jenny Daniel says this signing of the consultancy for smarting of the facilities symbolizes the thrust towards the strengthening of health systems as the ministry prepares for the introduction of Universal Health Coverage.

“We recognize the World Bank great efforts to assist us and we thank the Project Implementation Unit for their continued support in our thrust to improve the working conditions and the conditions under which we provide health care services to our clients in 2023 and beyond. Additionally, of course with every consultancy, with every contract we anticipate that there will be capacities built both within the ministry, locally and nationally on a level of expertise that is being utilized in this manner. We look forward of course to completion in a timely fashion within the 22 months stipulated,” Daniel said.

The consultancy contract for the design and supervision of the smarting of the health facilities is valued at over EC $1.1 million dollars.

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