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Nudge Caribbean Assisting 90+ Caribbean Businesses, Stages New Event

Nudge Caribbean, the organization founded by Anya Ayoung-Chee, Design Strategist and Social Entrepreneur, and Julie Avey, Massy Group’s SVP of People and Culture, will host an event on Thursday, May 5th, 2022. Titled Nudge Now, the event will showcase the stories of the small businesses transforming their communities due to support from the social enterprise. The virtual production – enabling viewing from Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Saint Lucia, the three islands in which Nudge has expanded – will take place from 6-7 PM AST on YouTube @NudgeCaribbean and

Darnica JnCharles – D’Atizay

“It is such a blessing to be a part of a team that genuinely cares about your success,” states Tricia Alexander. The Mayaro/Rio Claro native, who operates as Art Naturals: Soap and Spa Essentials, makes natural lotions, hair products and other products from lavish, locally-sourced ingredients. Her products have since developed a devoted following, enabling Tricia to progress through Nudge’s programming. After applying to Nudge and starting off at the Market Stalls – a sleek, modern version of a traditional stall housed in Massy Stores, and featuring a range of products.

Tricia Alexander is just one of the entrepreneurs featured in a short film to be displayed at Nudge Now – a film directed by yet another small business-owner, the Trinidadian director Oliver Milne. From the designers Nudge works with to the music it features in its communication (Nudge recently partnered with Freetown Collective x Stadic on their video for the song “Kasandra”), Nudge’s approach is a mindful one, always seeking to amplify the power of the Caribbean.

Nudge Now will showcase the work of the enterprise, and will also feature conversation, between Nudge’s co-founders; E. Gervase Warner, President and CEO, Massy Group and Board member of Nudge Caribbean; and entrepreneurs Darnica JnCharles of St. Lucia and Tamara Gibson of Barbados.

“All companies started at some point as someone’s dream,” explains David Affonso, Executive Chairman, Integrated Retail Portfolio, at the Massy Group of Companies. “But it takes that belief in self, commitment, courage and all the rest of it to achieve success. We have an obligation to give back to the communities and countries where we operate.” Nudge, which launched in 2020, was developed as a way to help entrepreneurs withstand economic fallout by linking them to their true passions. First starting with 12 entrepreneurs, it has since blossomed into an expansive, regional social enterprise nourishing brilliant ideas through training, mentorship, and connection to audiences and investors.

Nudge Caribbean, itself a startup, seeks to revolutionize the small business landscape by proving what can happen when small businesses are given a chance to thrive – and what happens when success isn’t just measured in profit, but also in terms of families it protects, the livelihoods it helps to restore, the individuals it connects with their passions, and the Caribbean it ultimately shifts.

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