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Digicel St. Lucia Singled Out for Best Mobile Network Coverage & Fastest Internet Network

Digicel offers customers in St. Lucia the fastest home internet network as well as the Best Mobile Network Coverage– that’s according to Ookla, the global leaders in internet testing and analysis.

Ookla’s Speedtest testing data for the period July to December 2021 showed Digicel’s Home Fibre internet averaging download speeds of an impressive 250 Mbps all the way up to 1Gb and fast upload speeds of 40 Mbps. Digicel also immerged victorious as the mobile network with the best coverage In St. Lucia.

Digicel St. Lucia CEO, Nikima Royer Jno Baptise, comments; “Our promise to customers is to give them the best network with the best speeds and the best coverage across the length and breadth of St. Lucia. Keeping that promise is what gets us up and at it every day.

She continues; “Ookla’s recognition of our speed, coverage and reliability is a testament to the hard work of all of our staff and proof of our commitment to ensuring that our customers can live and enjoy their digital lives to the fullest thanks to Digicel’s superfast connectivity everywhere in St. Lucia.”

Digicel is proud of its achievements and will remain committed to delivering the best services and building on our superior network to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services.


  1. It would be nice if Digicel lived up to their promises, but sadly in my case they do not. I have subscribed for their 500/40 Mbps home fibre internet service but mostly I get only 94/40 Mbps. I have reported the problem 8 times since 11 March but it remains unfixed. I test the speed every day. The speed has gone up to 500 a few times after my complaints but after a while reverts to 94 again. I have tried emailing support after wasting much time getting nowhere via chat, but my emails have been ignored. Of course they bill me for the full service which they are not supplying. The only contact I get from them are texts to remind me to pay my bills which have already been paid. Very poor.

    1. Then this morning it was fixed (speed 538 Mbps) though without any communication from Digicel, apart from the usual annoying reminder to pay my bill which was paid over a week ago. Let us see if it remains fixed this time.

      1. The fix lasted only 5 days. On 6 June the speed reverted to 94 Mbps again where it has stayed since. It seems that Digicel is unable to deliver the quoted speed consistently, at least in my case.

        1. After 13 days, on 19 June, the fault was fixed with speed back to 534 Mbps. As usual there was no communication from Digicel. So far the fix has lasted for 4 days.

          Has Digicel managed to fix the problem properly this time? We shall see.

          As to what may have caused the speed reduction I have no idea since Digicel has said nothing throughout this whole 3 months long saga..

  2. As to the second claim in this article, that Digicel has the best mobile coverage, that is not true in my case. My phone did not work at my home office when using Digicel, but lo and behold it did work when I switched to Flow (postpaid) after Digicel refused to give me a postpaid account for the phone.

    But, to be fair, some 2FA SMSs which I used to receive via Digicel do not reach me via Flow.

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