Counting the Population, Your participation is Needed

The Central Statistical Office is reporting that preparations for the implementation of the historic 2022 National Population and Housing Census have entered the home stretch.

Over 500 enumerators have started visiting homes across the island from yesterday, Tuesday May 17th, 2022, to conduct the Covid-19 delayed national census which was due in 2020.

The training of enumerators, their supervisors and technical support personnel has been completed and the Central Statistical Office, headed by Sean Curtis Mathurin, was given the green light to proceed with the island’s first ever paperless census.

Instead of paper forms, enumerators will use tablets to administer the Census questionnaires. The information will be uploaded to the cloud almost immediately, making the census exercise paperless, quicker, safer, and more efficient.

The use of a cloud-based tablet also helps guarantee confidentiality. Enumerators have taken an oath of confidentiality, and anyone found in breach of the law will be prosecuted.

The 2022 National Housing and Population Census runs from May 17th through to September 2022. It may be extended to ensure every household on the island is visited.

Census data is needed by policymakers and development agencies to plan for current and future needs of citizens.

All residents are asked to co-operate and be truthful in responding to the enumerators. Business owners are asked to encourage their staff to participate in the exercise.

The theme this year is “The future is counting on you – Konté Sent Lisi

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